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100 years ago: Women’s suffrage still ‘debatable’ according to local poll

January 28, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 28, 1912:

[Today the newspaper published the results of the straw poll conducted in Lawrence this month.] "This is the results of the voting conducted by the Journal-World for two weeks. The outcome is a fair index of the opinion of Douglas county voters.... In the voting there were 556 votes cast and Roosevelt received 301, more than a majority of all the votes cast for all the candidates.... On the Republican ticket 418 ballots were cast.... There were 124 Democratic votes cast and Gov. Woodrow Wilson received 75. There were 5 Socialist votes cast. Victor Berger received 2 and Debbs 3. There were 9 prohibition votes cast.... For Governor, Capper received 243 votes, which was a majority of all the votes cast on that office.... The voting on the suffrage amendment was close. For Suffrage, 226. Against Suffrage, 193. It will be seen that suffrage is still a debatable question."

"The Student Council of the University of Kansas isn't very enthusiastic over the plan adopted by the board of regents for establishing an eating place up hill for the students. It was the Student Council who petitioned the regents to have some such place started, after the 'Dog-House,' the Oread Cafe, had been moved away. A prominent member of the Student Council, in discussing the matter, said: 'It is just this way. The scheme by which that place is to be run doesn't help anyone but just those who eat up hill regularly every school day. The way the plan now is you have to order your sandwich twenty-four hours in advance and how do you always know what you will eat up hill that far ahead? What we want is some place that the students may buy something to eat as the emergency demands.'"


Ron Holzwarth 6 years, 4 months ago

"It will be seen that suffrage is still a debatable question."

That sure is debatable. Why did they give men the right to vote in the first place? They're always fighting and starting wars.

Very few wars have been started by an army led by a woman attacking another country.

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