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KBA paying ex-CEO Thornton’s legal fees

January 27, 2012


— Kansas Bioscience Authority funds are being used to pay the legal fees of former CEO Tom Thornton as an audit and investigation into his tenure continues.

Invoices obtained Friday by The Associated Press show the KBA has spent more than $51,000 in public funds to Jim Eisenbrandt and a fellow law partner to represent Thornton. The fees began in April 2011 shortly after Thornton resigned and a forensic audit was started.

The KBA's bylaws provide for the agency to pay legal fees for its top executives in matters related to their tenure. The KBA is has also paid more than $9,500 for attorneys representing former Jan Katterhenry, the KBA's former chief financial officer.

The audit was critical of Thornton, finding instances of destruction of documents and misuse of funds.


toe 5 years, 11 months ago

Of course they are. Government money is always free.

Bob_Keeshan 5 years, 11 months ago

And yet toe is 100% supportive of the $1 million spent in only 6 months so a private law firm can defend the state in abortion litigation.

toe is also 100% supportive of hundreds of thousands of dollars spent to defend Phill Kline and his surrogates.

Frankly, compared to the $1 million in only six months and the hundreds of thousands for the Kline saga, $51,000 is chump change.

haggisgirl 5 years, 11 months ago

I don't think it's all that uncommon for organizations or companies to pay the legal fees for their top execs if it's related to their employment. If the KBA bylaws call for it, why is the AP trying to make it an issue?

thelonious 5 years, 11 months ago

I am pretty confident that this whole KBA furor is just political theater whipped up by Susan Wagle and Governor Brownback, etc. Rather than make investment decisions based on sound business practices without regard to politics (like the audit confirms was being done), these conservative Republicans want to be able to throw KBA funds at their favored cronies - just look at how Wagle is whining about this one company she favored that didn't get money they had been "promised", a promise which the audit could not confirm. There you have at least one big reason for the witchhunt. Brownback will probably try to steer some of this KBA money to folks like the Koch Empire for "bioscience" research as well - watch. A million dollars spent to chastise the former CEO for marrying an employee, and to discover $4,500 of overcharges for expenses? Really?

Joe Blackford II 5 years, 11 months ago

Recusing yourself from voting on a KBA contract,

After voicing your opinion as an agro-terrorism authority,

IS meeting KBA ethics according to the audit.

You can bet your tax $ every vote was taken ethically, well except Kreps forgot to recuse herself once.

Google a little & wise up:

"Franz" "NBAF" "Ivins"

Just don't expect to find those dots connected in a Kansas newspaper article.

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