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Judges reject appeal by former Yellow House owner

January 26, 2012


A federal appeals court panel has upheld the wire fraud convictions of Carrie Neighbors, an owner of the former Yellow House Store in Lawrence.

In a decision filed Thursday, three judges on the 10th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals found there was enough evidence for jurors to determine Neighbors knew she was buying stolen property in 2005 at her secondhand store, 1904 Mass., and later selling it on eBay, an Internet auction website.

A federal jury in Kansas City, Kan., convicted Neighbors, 50, of Lawrence, in 2010 on 16 counts including wire fraud and conspiracy, and U.S. District Judge Carlos Murguia sentenced her to serve eight years in prison. In her appeal Neighbors had argued the jury was improperly instructed and she had gone to lengths to ask people who sold her items to assure they were not stolen, but the appellate judges said some witnesses testified they told Neighbors the items were stolen.

“There was sufficient evidence for the jury to infer that Ms. Neighbors knew she was buying stolen property but intentionally closed her eyes to this fact,” Senior Circuit Judge Wade Broby wrote in his opinion.

Neighbors, and her husband, Guy Neighbors, who ran a Yellow House Store in Topeka and faces a trial in February in the same case, have argued the government’s witnesses were not credible and accused prosecutors and police of corruption.


somebodynew 6 years ago

Oh, you know that ex-Chief Olin had these judges involved in the conspiracy also.

Isn't that how the posts will go ????/

jhawkinsf 6 years ago

Yellow was one of my favorite colors before this never ending story. I've changed to blue.

Ron Holzwarth 6 years ago

No more Mellow Yellow for you, huh?

Donovan - Mellow Yellow 2010:

Ron Holzwarth 6 years ago

There sure is a whole lot of blue in that video. That should ease the transition for you.

Jim Phillips 6 years ago

I think orange is the universal prison jump suit color these days.

motercyclejim 6 years ago

2 much goverment!!! now citezens are going 2 jail because of all the goverment!! this is why everone should vote for RON PAUL!!!!

BlackVelvet 6 years ago

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Paul R Getto 6 years ago

HUH? "reseptcted ." No wonder you have trouble getting "reseptct. "

BlackVelvet 6 years ago

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somebodynew 6 years ago

Ok LJWorld Just what is up with allowing Smitty to post her blatant lies and libelous comments,but recently you have been pulling posts right and left for a lot less reason???

Smitty has been allowed to post just about anything she wants and you let her. Are you scared for some reason, or is it just because she drives up the posting numbers???

Alex Parker 6 years ago

The comments posted across the site today have been removed. Users, please refrain from posting hearsay and libelous comments. Do not attempt to identify LJWorld users. That is a blatant violation of the terms of service, and is likely to get you banned.

Alex Parker Digital Editor

Sunny Parker 6 years ago

Wow! So were the ones that submitted the stolen goods also arrested and sentenced?

jackpot 6 years ago

Dang and I'm out of popcorn!!

somebodynew 6 years ago

The only story here is that the Neighbors' lost again. But somehow in some peoples head that equates to them winning (must be ala Charlie Sheen style) and they try to sidetrack the real story with the fantasies in their heads.

There will be no other story for the LJW to report on. And smitty, just because something has been posted in this blog before, doesn't make it true or that it should stand today. Haven't you noticed, there is a new sheriff in town at LJW.??

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