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100 years ago: Little boy seriously injured in sledding accident

January 22, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 22, 1912:

  • "Frank Osborn, the 8-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Osborn, was perhaps fatally injured Saturday in a coasting accident on what is known as 'the Planing Mill Hill.' The child with a number of other boys was coasting at noon. He had just started down the hill enough to get momentum to be going fast when his sled struck another one and he was thrown off. The worst injury seems to be internally for he struck on his stomach. His body is considerably cut and for some time after the fall he was unconscious. He was carried into the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Reyer, 924 Delaware street, where he was still today as his condition is too dangerous for him to be moved."
  • "About a week ago a party advertised in the Journal-World for a lost watch. Today the watch was reported found, and it had been buried in the snow. When the snow melted the watch was revealed. The remarkable thing is that it still was going."
  • "George O. Foster, registrar at the University, is making one of the most interesting investigations that has ever been made at the University. When this is completed he will be able to tell which are doing the better work, fraternity or non-fraternity members, sorority or non-sorority girls. He will be able to show which department is doing the best work; the number of hours of study put in by a law student as compared with one in some other school. In fact when Mr. Foster is through he will have on hand some of the most valuable statistics as to scholarship that Kansas University has ever had."
  • "A case of spinal meningitis, the dread disease that has recently been causing so much trouble in Texas, exists in Lawrence. The victim is the three year old son of Mr. and Mrs. L. Irwin, 435 Lake street, North Lawrence. The case was discovered last week.... Today a card was put up and an official quarantine established. Dr. Gillispie said this morning that there was no cause of alarm being felt in the city at present. This is the only case that is now existing and every effort is being taken to avoid its spread."


FlintlockRifle 6 years, 5 months ago

I didn't now Time-X made watches 100 years ago, guess that was the brand of the watch found under the snow. Also Miss Sarah, do you know where" Planing Mill Hill" was located in todays world here in Lawrence?? I have been here close to 75 years and have never heard of this "Hill", thanks.

Sarah St. John 6 years, 5 months ago

Hello Flint! Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Sometimes a restful weekend is just what the doctor ordered!

I am as puzzled as you are over the location of this hill. My best guess is that it was on the east side of town. Mostly because it was close to 924 Delaware, the closest home that they carried him to. I also remember that there were a lot of industries on that side of town (factories and such) and there might have been a "planing mill" or some sort of lumber yard there. To really get to the bottom of this, one of us is going to have to go to city hall or the county courthouse and ask for some old maps! (Something I've been meaning to do anyway....)

By the way, I looked ahead for about a week and I saw no more news on this little boy, and I also didn't find him in the Find-A-Grave website for that year or anywhere close to it. I hope this means he had a full recovery!

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