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40 years ago: No-fault car insurance faces fight in Kansas legislature

January 18, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 18, 1972:

Some new plans for changing automobile insurance laws were introduced in the Kansas House today. The House Insurance Committee proposed two plans to establish a system of "no-fault" auto insurance, which apparently faced a stiff fight in the House. "So-called 'no-fault' insurance plans ... can more accurately described as 'no pay' or 'no safety' or 'no liability,'", declared Rep. Payne "Darb" Ratner Jr., R-Wichita. "They are 'no pay' because most persons injured in auto wrecks in Kansas would receive but a fraction of the amount to which they are now entitled; they are 'no safety,' because they remove one main incentive for drivers to exercise care on the highway; they are 'no liability' because the insurance companies would not have to protect the driver causing the collision for his negligence." On the other hand, supporters of the system argued that the plan would keep the courts from becoming clogged with accident lawsuits.


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