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40 years ago: Governor’s message gets lukewarm reception in Lawrence

January 17, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 17, 1972:

  • Lawrence area legislators were not expressing unalloyed joy after hearing Gov. Robert Docking's budget message on the previous day. Second District Republican Sen. Arden Booth said, "I am disappointed at the obvious lack of any intent for compromise.... I feel that the effort to fund obviously needed programs will be made more difficult."
  • In Washington, Surgeon General Jesse L. Steinfeld discussed a report on the effect of television on violence. According to the report, the study, completed over 2 1/2 years by 12 behavioral scientists, showed that TV viewing might lead to violent acts by some children already prone to aggressiveness. The study had been requested in 1969 by Sen. John O. Pastore, D.-R.I., who had said that he was "exceedingly troubled by the lack of any definitive information which would help resolve the question of whether there is a causal connection between televised crime and violence and antisocial behavior by individuals, especially children."


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