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Governor eyes gambling funds for Kansas debt

January 14, 2012


— With two new state-owned casinos opening for business, Gov. Sam Brownback wants to use almost $70 million from the state’s share of gambling revenues to retire outstanding debt.

The bonds were issued in recent years to finance state projects, including a new Statehouse parking garage, cabins at state parks and improvements to the Kansas Judicial Center.

Budget Director Steve Anderson said the policy decision was in response to growing concern among some legislators that debt was being ignored or not retired as quickly as it could.

Kansas has more than $4.2 billion in outstanding debt, including $1.2 billion in bonds backed by general state revenues.


JayhawkFan1985 6 years, 5 months ago

Aren't we paying almost nothing on the outstanding debt? I seem to recall previous articles about refi on state debt. It would be better to pay off KPERS unfunded liability or give state employees a raise. It has been 4 or 5 years...

pace 6 years, 5 months ago

Pay off the debt. Use gambling, booze, cigs, decent tax rates on the rich, Pay off the debt. Pay our debt, use gambling taxes, use Sam's salary or tax Koch boys at a fair rate. Don't use the resources for desperately ill people, children or education. Don't neglect infrastructure, don't cheat the workers.

Use the gambling money to pay our debts. Pay off the debts. I agree government spending needed to be slimmed, but with reasoned sources and economies, it should not rest on the shoulders of the poorest. Pay our debts.

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