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Anti-abortion activist Randall Terry plans presidential run, return to Kansas

January 13, 2012


— An abortion opponent who made headlines in Kansas 20 years ago returns to the state this month to open a campaign office for a presidential run.

Randall Terry was one of the leaders of the 1991 "Summer of Mercy" abortion protests in Wichita, where authorities made more than 2,700 arrests over several weeks.

Terry is using his presidential run to draw attention to his anti-abortion agenda. He plans a campaign swing Monday in Illinois followed by stops in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Minnesota and Idaho.

He'll meet with Kansas anti-abortion leaders Jan. 21 in Wichita. He also has news conferences and meetings scheduled in Topeka and Salina.


The_Original_Bob 6 years ago

Hopefully, this means Vermin Supreme will make a stop in town to sprinkle more pixie dust on this fool.

meggers 6 years ago

Oh wow. I didn't place the name when that happened. Go Vermin Supreme!

ksjayhawk74 6 years ago

So, your main platform is running against women's rights?

Got anything else? Our country needs lots of jobs fast. What do you have for that?

Liberty275 6 years ago

Same with the wackos on the left. How many trucks did a leftist terrorist operation burn a week or two ago because they want to dictate what food people can eat?

woodscolt 6 years ago

The difference is that you condone the behavior of the right wing terrorist and no normal person condones the so called animal rights group who claim they started the fires. It was a criminal act that deserves the full force of the law. If you don't believe me just pick about any article on theses forums pertaining to abortion and see how many posts support the right wing terrorists.

woodscolt 6 years ago

you like the word "extremist" when it comes to women's rights and I prefer the word "women's rights" when it comes to women's rights. You also prefer getting the government out of peoples lives except for when you don't.

Kendall Simmons 6 years ago

I assume this means that you were more than willing to help pay to raise those "50 million dead kids"? Or did you simply assume that there were 50 million Americans looking to adopt?

And what about the living, breathing women/girls making the decision about...gasp...their own lives and their own bodies? Can I assume that you were more than willing to support them, too, if needed? Or do you simply assume that, since they brought this all on themselves, they deserve whatever happens to them?

Just asking.

Kirk Larson 6 years ago

Freedom of Choice. It's the American Way!

parrothead8 6 years ago

I bet Stephen Colbert gets more votes than this guy.

thebigspoon 6 years ago

Well, it would be odd if anyone took the bet, no?

gccs14r 6 years ago

He should be in jail for child endangerment after what he pulled in Wichita, having kids wrap themselves around car tires.

Cait McKnelly 6 years ago

Here's a joke I saw once: "The Randall Terry Virus: When your computer fails it's software, your only options are Retry and Cancel. Abort isn't an option."

blindrabbit 6 years ago

Like moths to a flame, the idiots are flocking to Kansas as the wing-nuts take over what was once a moderate, educated, intelligent Kansas.

Jimo 6 years ago

"He'll meet with Kansas anti-abortion leaders Jan. 21 in Wichita."

Someone should alert the FBI's anti-terrorism task squad.

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