Letters to the Editor

Woo defense

January 11, 2012


To the editor:

Who are these buzzkills again that want to stop the “woo?”  I am an alum and a former Baby Jay who just doesn’t see the harm in a little extra enthusiasm. Even if the anti-woo faction wins their point and the woo dies, who’s to prevent our rivals from “woo-ing” or worse just to tick us off?

Once the word gets out that woo-ing is verboten, there will always be woo-ers who think it’s funny to go against the grain and break the anti-woo regulation. I am in that camp. I don’t regularly attend KU games, but I might now, just so I can have a little radical fun recklessly “woo-ing” at inappropriate and unauthorized times.

Woo-ing is an expression of unbridled joy. It is a harmless demonstration of fan exuberance. Let the kids have a little fun. If you don’t allow KU fans to woo, the enemies will and they might even turn it into something more annoying.


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