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100 years ago: Supply of well-water running low

January 9, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 9, 1912:

  • "At seven o'clock this morning some very welcome news was received by the Journal-World when the weather department of the University gave the information that it was only 2 degrees below zero, decidedly summer weather in comparison to what the town had been enjoying."
  • "The announcement that the Journal-World made Saturday evening that if the present cold weather continued, the well water would give out, was only too true, for Manager Sauer this morning stated that in all probability there will be no well water left on Wednesday. In that event it will be necessary to pump from the river. The two big fires Saturday night surely were a drain on the well water supply."
  • "Quite a number of complaints have come to the Journal-World about the care of horses in this weather, that the animals are being left to stand down town without blankets."
  • "One little Lawrence girl has been acting as Miss Samaritan this weather to the birds. Every morning there are scores of the little fellows who flock about the house begging for food. The little girl has seeds that she puts out for them and if she hears of anything else that the birds would like, this she gets and adds to the diet for the birds. Another small maiden has established a sort of refuge for stray dogs, for there seem to be many of these since the cold wave arrived. Last evening the maiden had four of these strays in the kitchen and was busy feeding and caring for them."


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