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100 years ago: Firemen battle elements in two overnight fires

January 8, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 8, 1912:

"Just what the firemen had been living in dread of ever since the storm broke, occurred Saturday night, the fire alarm. And not only were the men called out from the warm station to go out and battle against the storm and flames but just at midnight came the second call of fire. This time they had just gone to bed after having cleaned up from the first call of the evening. The first alarm was turned in from 1329 Vermont street. Then at 11:55 came the alarm that the Lawrence National Bank was on fire. This was but a short run but it gave every indication of being one of the hardest propositions that the firemen have been called on to handle for some time.... The sidewalks were slippery and the spray freezing on the clothing of the firemen soon formed a coating of ice under which the men labored."

"There is no relief in sight on the gas situation. The weather bureau says continued cold and that means continued gas trouble. In the first place, the people of Lawrence must not depend upon gas entirely. But that is not good talk at this time. Our people want relief which they cannot get. The pipe line company has the mastery of the situation apparently, and it is showing its power. However, it is not so large as the state and the people will get relief in time. The local company is not to blame. Joe Dunkel has done the best he could for the people, but he is at the mercy of the gas trust and can do nothing. It is a great pity that our people must be made to suffer. Possibly the gas trust does not have the gas, but it ought to be criminally prosecuted, for no public utility ought to take a franchise greater than its ability to fill."


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