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100 years ago: Gas famine continues as residents rig alternative heat sources

January 6, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 6, 1912:

  • "After shivering in the cold all day yesterday Lawrence enjoyed a fairly comfortable night and awoke this morning with a gas pressure much better than that of yesterday, which aided by the coal and wood kept the town warm over night and this morning. But no sooner had the town become thoroughly aroused than the pressure began to weaken again and the shivering was resumed. But by this time the hardware man and the coal dealer had come to the rescue and nearly every home in the city had been equipped with an old fashioned heating apparatus of some kind. The pressure over night and early this morning was about fifteen pounds, but by eight o'clock it had dropped down to between one and two.... There is just about enough coal in Lawrence to last until Monday morning if the gas pressure does not get better, so that the town can use it for fuel.... Stove dealers did an enormous business yesterday and by last night there was scarcely a single coal or wood stove for sale in Lawrence.... It was decided that no school will be held Monday at Woodlawn, Lincoln or Pinckney schools because of the lack of gas for adequately heating the buildings."
  • "Burg E. Brown, of Lawrence, president of the Kansas State Democratic Club today was notified by the Woodrow Wilson headquarters in New York, of Mr. Wilson's acceptance to come to Topeka to speak at the Kansas State Democratic club meeting on Washington's Birthday. Mr. Wilson also probably will come to Lawrence to speak, for as long as he is coming to Topeka, it will be easy to have him come here for an address."


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