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County approves permit for healthy living facility

January 5, 2012


It appears area residents wishing to lead healthier lives will soon have a new business they can turn to. Douglas County commissioners unanimously approved a conditional-use permit Wednesday for Good Earth Gatherings, a facility that will provide classes on healthy and sustainable living and sell related retail items.

Property owner Tamara Fairbanks-Ishmael will teach classes out of her home, which is located on 10.5 acres of land at 858 East 1500 Road. She said she plans on teaching about three classes per week. The permit allows her to teach up to 15 per month.

“This is something I’ve always dreamed of,” Fairbanks-Ishmael told commissioners.

Some neighbors had been concerned by traffic the business might bring to their area, but Fairbanks-Ishmael said she has two small children and plans on this being a part-time endeavor.

Commissioners also approved a 2012 Legislative Policy Statement for Douglas County, which will be forwarded to the Douglas County delegation in the state Legislature. The statement expressed concern over funding for Lawrence’s SRS office and reimbursement rates for housing prisoners in county jails, among other funding issues.

In other business, commissioners approving a contract for $9,461 with Kansas Gas Service to move a natural gas line, which is in conflict with a planned reconstruction project along one mile of Douglas County Road 1055. The line runs between U.S. Highway 56 in Baldwin City and Douglas County Road 12, which also is known as the State Lake Road.

No comments from the public were made Wednesday, but members of Lawrence Boy Scout Troop 158 were in the audience to watch their government in action.

“We don’t get a lot of visitors,” Commissioner Jim Flory joked. “It’s nice to have you come in.”


Oldsoul 6 years, 1 month ago

Whose definition of healthy living? Not to be too picky, but I wouldn't necessarily trust anyone in Lawrence understands the subject matter.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 6 years, 1 month ago

Perhaps you should offer a competing set of classes just to make sure the expert advise only you have is available to all.

Getaroom 6 years, 1 month ago

Afraid of whole grains and fresh organic veggies and how to grow them? So obviously you will not be going - no big deal - it is not about you is it grumpy?

Ever consider the possibility that people might chose to go because they looked deeply enough into this offering to know if it is right for them or not? There is no mention in the article that this is an internment camp and that participants would be cuffed and forced to participate in a program that is not of their own choosing.

Ya better finish up that egg McMuffin and fried taters and shuffle on before it's time for a bag of chips and the remote control. Or perhaps the recliner is too reclined to ever get out?

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