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Lawrence Salvation Army’s Red Kettle holiday campaign raises $97,000, $3,000 short of goal

January 4, 2012


The Lawrence Salvation Army wrapped up its annual Red Kettle Campaign a few thousand dollars short of its $100,000 goal, said Wes Dahlberg, executive director.

“We were one good day away from that,” said Dahlberg of the $97,100 the bell-ringers at 16 locations across the area brought in between Nov. 11 and Christmas Eve.

But 2011’s haul exceeded 2010’s campaign, which raised about $94,000, and Dahlberg said he “feels pretty good” about the campaign, particularly in the current economic climate.

Other area Salvation Armys were reporting a similar lull in Red Kettle campaigns, said Amanda Waters, spokeswoman for the Kansas and Western Missouri Division of the Salvation Army. For instance, the Red Kettle Campaign for the Kansas City metro area, which includes both Kansas City, Kan., and Kansas City, Mo., was about $300,000 short of its $1.8 million goal, though donations for the campaign come in until the end of January, Waters said.


IndusRiver 6 years ago

And on the inside, the pathetically poor potheads and drug dealers get their free meal three days a week, another four days a week and free meals are had at LINK; all this downtown where the Shelter beggars also go.

Lawrence is a scourge, and nobody cries any tears to be rid of it.

kernal 6 years ago

Given the state of our local and national economy, this organization got a nice haul from Lawrence citizens this year.

IndusRiver, just how many of those who benefit from LINK and SA are pot heads and drug dealers; you seem to have some inside knowledge about that.

IndusRiver 5 years, 11 months ago

I 'did' have knowledge of it. Far from it now, thank the good Lord. Not supposed to give out names or the JW won't post, but well over half. I admit I accepted the offer from some to smoke with 'em.

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