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100 years ago: Lawrence joins in national week of prayer

January 4, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 4, 1912:

"The coming week is to be solemnized throughout the United States as the official week of prayer. In Lawrence the services of the week have been taken over by the Committee of 100 of the Men and Religion Forward Movement and meetings for every night of the week have been arranged for with several prominent out of town workers as the speakers at these meetings. Meetings have been arranged for most of the nights for two churches, the purpose being to cover the town as thoroughly as possible, and to have meetings in different sections of the town."

"Prof. J. E. Boodin, who owns the old Windmill site on west Warren [now Ninth] street, will pay a reward of $10 for information leading to the conviction of boys who cut down trees on the property. Last Christmas some person desiring a Christmas tree cut down a fine Norwegian Spruce on the property. This year Prof. Boodin has been out of town for the holidays and when he returned he found that two fine pine trees had been topped for Christmas trees. Anyone who can give this information should see Prof. Boodin at the Eldridge."

"Where is Clarence Smith, aged 12 years, who said he was going out to the country yesterday and who has not returned? That is what his sister, Miss Maude Smith who lives at 1824 Barker avenue wants to know and any information that can be given about the boy will be gladly received. Yesterday the boy told his people that he and some other boys were going to the Morris family, whom he said live two and a half miles southwest of the city. The family thought there was nothing unusual about it until last evening and today when the boy did not return. None of his companions had heard of him or seen him, nor had he gone to any relatives. Investigation could not reveal any family named Morris living two and a half miles southwest."


Sheryl Wiggins 6 years, 3 months ago

Hi Sarah, I wonder if they ever found Clarence Smith? A follow up would be great if you have the time and/or inclination.

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