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Homicide in Manhattan related to motorcycle group

January 3, 2012


— Riley County police say a Manhattan man's death on New Year's Day was the result of a drive-by shooting at a motorcycle gang's clubhouse.

Twenty-one-year-old Frederick Beverly of Manhattan died early Sunday in a shooting at the clubhouse for the "Assasin Street Rydaz." Several vehicles in the area were hit by gunfire.

Police said in a news release Tuesday it was unclear who the shooters were targeting.

Police also said the death of a couple on Friday at a Manhattan home apparently was a murder-suicide.

The dead were 23-year-old Amanda Victoria Bonner, who lived at the home, and 26-year-old Kawon Darmet Higgins. Police say it appears Darmet shot Bonner and then himself. They say the shooting was related to an ongoing domestic dispute.


jhawk_36 6 years, 5 months ago

The young man that was shot was a ks national gaurdsman and the club { gang} as was reported is a none violent club as are some of the other motorcycle clubs in that area. most of them ride to raise money for kids cures, the gun fire started at some cars at a used carlot and ended just after this young man was hit. sure wish the news people that write these stories would do alittle more investagating before writing these stories,they make it sound like manhatten has a real big bike gang problem. this 21 yrold young man was a family's son ,brother.that was a clean cut young man. that had his life taken to soon..

Joe Hyde 6 years, 5 months ago

Well, if establishing a good image of mainstream motorcycling is one of this group's aims, the membership may wish to call an all-hands meeting and try coming up with a new club name. Something a bit softer-sounding?

"Assassin Street Rydaz" conjures the image of meth-using, head-banger types with "Born to Lose" tatooed on their chests. Moreover, I would submit that such an aggressive club name, in and of itself, is enough to provoke hostile reactions in members of actual outlaw biker groups.

smoke86 6 years, 5 months ago

First I would like to speak out for "SOCO" Frederick Beverly of "Assassin Street Rydaz MC" (MC means motorcycle club) NOT "GANG"!!!! AS I am a part of an MC myself "DBMC" DOMINANT BREED MC.... Really people So i guess the word DOMINANT would make us sound like were better than anyone else or a gang????? No we don't clame anything like that........

As mc clubs we all ride together in different types in events and charity rides to help those in need.

A club means that's who you are with (ride with as groups).....

For the most part were not gang's nor all of us in the military of any kind. Were just a group of people who love to ride bikes have fun and give back to the communities..... Thanks

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