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100 years ago: Late February snowstorm surprises residents

February 26, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Feb. 26, 1912:

  • "Colonel Roosevelt will run for President. That was the good and saving news sent over the country this morning. It means that the progressive movement has won; it means that the Republican party is going to make one grand swing forward and continue the work for which the party was organized. This paper has no word of censure for President Taft. He simply has failed in his efforts to impress the public. His nomination would be unwise.... 'We're in the fight. That's all,' said Roosevelt yesterday. It was his only comment on the statement issued yesterday."
  • "Five inches of snow fell in Lawrence yesterday and last night. At seven o'clock this morning the weather bureau at the University reported a temperature of sixteen degrees above zero.... Who said that spring was here? Who bought spring hats and spring clothes positive that the last snow of the year had been here?... This last snow storm has so much individuality that it takes more than just a brief news item to tell the tale.... The herald, not of spring, but of winter, arrived about nine o'clock yesterday morning in the way of a good, heavy sleet storm. But the sleet did not last long, for a heavy snowfall next put in its appearance and the snow was no joke either. It was just such a snow that Whittier told about in 'Snow Bound,' for it enveloped everything. What was the most astounding thing was the short time that it took to cover the world with a 'white blanket.' In a remarkably short time the snow had covered everything and had piled up so deep into the city from both directions that walking was perilous. Trains last night were delayed because of the snow on the tracks and of other storms along the route that tied up traffic."


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