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40 years ago: Commercial zoning voted down for Sixth and Lawrence

February 24, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Feb. 24, 1972:

  • Cards reading "No More 23rd Streets" were worn by about 20 people at a recent meeting of the Lawrence-Douglas County Planning Commission. The planners had voted unanimously against a request for commercial zoning for two acres along Sixth Street at Lawrence Avenue, agreeing with the protesters that the zoning change would detrimentally affect residents living to the south. In a written comment to the planners, the Douglas County Environmental Improvement Council had said, "The city has enough commercially zoned land to last until the year 2000."
  • With beef prices at near-record prices, area shoppers were finding other nutritious ways to fill their shopping carts. Food prices were projected to rise 4 percent in 1972, as compared to 2.4 percent the previous year. One market analyst pointed out that the rise in beef prices in particular was a direct result of increased consumer demand, as per capita consumption of red meat was up by about five pounds a year.


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