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Senate OKs increased fines for Kansas Highway 10; bill now moves to House

February 23, 2012


— The Kansas Senate on Thursday approved legislation that would double fines on Kansas Highway 10 between Lawrence and Johnson County.

Senate Bill 342 was forwarded to the House on a 22-18 vote.

The measure was sought by the family of Cainan Shutt, a 5-year-old Eudora boy who was killed in an accident last year on K-10.

Under the bill, traffic fines would double along K-10 and another heavily used road, U.S. Highway 54 in Wichita. The Kansas Department of Transportation would add signage alerting drivers that they were in a safety corridor and informing them of the increased fines.

Last April, a car driven by 24-year-old Ryan Pittman crossed from the eastbound to westbound lanes on K-10 near Eudora and struck a minivan in which Cainan was riding. Both Pittman and Cainan died. A toxicology report indicated that Pittman tested positive for a therapeutic level of methadone, an elevated level of tramadol and the active components of marijuana.

The accident spurred KDOT to move forward with a plan to install cable-median barriers this summer. Supporters of the bill, however, say doubling fines will also help increase safety.


ksarmychick 5 years, 12 months ago

If this family was really trying to improve safety on k-10 they would remove all of those crosses and the sign off the side of the highway. They are a huge distraction to drivers. I would bet that most people who drive by the display take a look or double look-leading to being a distracted.
No amount of laws or changes to laws are going to prevent people from driving high. But taking down those crosses could prevent the next sign looking distracted driving from killing another innocent person.

itsalwayssunnyinlarry 5 years, 12 months ago

this is so stupid. Havent all of these accidents been caused by drinking, drugs, or inattentiveness? harsh american DUI laws don't reduce the number of dui's. If you want to make more money off a highway, fine. But don't say it's in the name of safety. call it what it is.

Kevin Haislip 5 years, 12 months ago

not a clue have they . get out and vote !!!

Dale Stringer 5 years, 12 months ago

Well if you don't like the fine increase, then don't speed. As for the cables, they help stop the crossovers, but not the crashes. I think one thing the state can do is repaint the lines and add some reflectors on the road edge. You can barely see the lines on a dark night, especially after a rain, on most of this road.

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