NCI review

We wish Kansas University Cancer Center officials well today as they meet with reviewers from the National Cancer Institute.

February 22, 2012


Today is a big day for the Kansas University Cancer Center.

A team of reviewers from the National Cancer Institute is scheduled to spend the day at the KU center, sizing it up for possible designation as an NCI cancer center.

KU leaders worked hard on the NCI application that was submitted in September and will be making every effort to put their best foot forward during the review team’s visit. Competition for the designation and the additional research funding it would bring to KU is intense. Many cancer centers aren’t successful in their first attempt at NCI status, but KU and the rest of the state certainly have given top priority to the effort. State and private funding have helped the KU Cancer Center hire top scientists and doctors and form important partnerships to further their effort. Whether or not KU gains the NCI designation this year, the advances that have been made at the center will benefit people from across Kansas and beyond.

KU Cancer Center leaders are rightfully proud of what they’ve accomplished and are no doubt both eager and a little nervous about showcasing their accomplishments to the NCI team. We wish them well and hope the NCI reviewers are impressed with what they see during their KU visit.


Barbara Emert 6 years, 3 months ago

If KU is successful it certainly won't be due to help from the editor/publisher/owner of this newspaper. He's workd tirelessly to undermine all the good done at KU Med.

Cait McKnelly 6 years, 3 months ago

And yet Kansas legislators would demand that women getting abortions would be informed of a mythic "link" between abortion and breast cancer; a link proven false by that very same NCI.

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