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Child abuse reporting changes move forward in Kansas House

February 22, 2012


— The Kansas House has given first-round approval to a bill amending state law on mandatory reporting of alleged child abuse.

Supporters said Wednesday the changes were in direct response to the allegations of child sex abuse at Penn State University involving former football defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky.

The bill expands the list of individuals required to report allegations of child abuse to authorities for investigation. It also strengthens the penalty for failure to report cases of suspected sexual abuse.

It also would remove the defense that a person believed someone else was going to file the report, unless a report had actually been made, or that a person did not make a report for fear of reprisal or any other consequence.


4accountability 6 years, 3 months ago

Expanding the list of those mandated to report is good but useless if not enforced. I have searched many times and can only find one case of any Kansas prosecutor with the guts to file the criminal charge for failure to report. It was Paul Morrison as DA in Johnson County.

Existing legislation already provides for reprisal protection. Current legislation also already says " It is not a defense that another mandatory reporter made a report". K.S.A 38-2223

Legislators (and others) need to figure out how to enforce laws we already have instead of remounting the same flat tire.

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