100 years ago: Early highway in planning stages

From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Feb. 21, 1912:

  • “The Golden Belt Road is being mapped out today, that is the part of the highway that is to be looked after by Lawrence, and the number of the official road markers that will be needed is being determined preparatory to sending in the order to the secretary of the association. Lawrence is to take care of the road from Eudora, through Lawrence and up to Perry. This route has been determined as taking the old Eudora road west from Eudora, entering Lawrence at Quincy [11th] street, up Quincy to Massachusetts street, across the river and over the north road to Topeka…. The road signs are to be made of steel, 14 by 20 inches large, enameled with a special enamel to stand the wear of the weather. The words, ‘Golden Belt’ are to be put on in yellow on a blue background.”
  • “That the day may not be so very far off when the United States Government will establish a national law for the uniformity of weights and measures, is the good news brought back from Washington by Prof. E. F. Stimpson, the official sealer for Kansas…. Just now there is some very important legislation pending before Congress to pass laws that will establish national uniformity for weights and measures, some measures that will abolish non-uniformity in the size of barrels, boxes and other articles used for similar purposes in which goods are sold to the public … and providing that all packaged goods shall bear upon the outside wrapper a statement of their net contents.”