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100 years ago: Having led ‘wild life,’ young girl to appear in juvenile court

February 18, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Feb. 18, 1912:

"Charged with being incorrigible, Effie Fowler, a fifteen year old girl, is being tried this afternoon before Judge Hugh Means of the Juvenile court. The girl was arrested yesterday in Topeka on a warrant from the local court, her home being in Lecompton.... The girl is said to have been leading a wild life and that she has not been properly taken care of by her parents and that for the last few weeks she has been staying in Topeka. If she is found guilty of the charge that has been placed against her she will be sent to the Beloit home for incorrigible girls where an effort will be made to reform her. Effie Fowler is the daughter of a very poor family who have recently moved to Lecompton. Her father is a farmer, but it seems that owing to the hard times he has been unable to keep his family together and the children seem to have given him considerable trouble. The girl who is being tried today was implicated in some serious trouble at Perry, Kan., last winter. In Topeka she was staying with the Delk people, the Nazarines, a religious sect who were in Lawrence for some time this winter, where they were the subject of more or less criticism and discussion. She was found at their headquarters in Topeka yesterday, by the officers of that city and placed under arrest.... This girl is a sister of Essie Fowler, who left the home of her parents at Lecompton last week to leave with a young man giving the name of Roy Pennington. Both of the girls seem to have had their share of trouble recently. None of those who were in the runaway party have been heard of since last Saturday, although the father of the girl has sworn out a warrant for the arrest of the young man who induced his daughter to leave home with him. It is presumed that Pennington, the girl, and her brother are all in Kansas City, the home of Pennington. Both of the Fowler girls are under sixteen years of age, and it is quite probable that both of them will be sent to the Beloit school if located."


FlintlockRifle 6 years ago

Miss Sarah, many thanks for the follow up store on the "Wild Girls" from up the river

Lawrence Morgan 6 years ago

I wonder what happened to the Fowler girls later in life?

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