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City Commission approves plan to build apartments on mobile home lot

February 14, 2012


A plan to add about 1,000 student bedrooms to the area near 31st and Iowa streets won unanimous approval from Lawrence city commissioners Tuesday.

Commissioners approved a rezoning request and a special use permit to allow Aspen Heights to build 304 apartment units that would be a mix of four-bedroom, cottage-style houses and two- and three-bedroom duplex units. The development would feature buildings that look more like individual homes rather than apartment buildings, commissioners were told.

The development will occur on the site of the Gaslight Mobile Home Village just east of 31st and Iowa. Commissioners were told by the mobile home’s management company that there are about 125 homes at the park. He said there are about 200 vacant mobile lots currently available in Lawrence.

Tom Horner, a representative of the management company, said his firm will pay the moving expenses of tenants who want to move to his other mobile park in Lawrence. He said other mobile home parks in the city already have begun offering to pay the moving expenses of Gaslight residents.

The project likely will begin construction this summer.


TruthSayer 6 years, 1 month ago

What about the people whose homes cannot be moved. I know a disabled person with a 40 year old trailer out there that has had an addition built on to the side. If they remove the addition it will destroy the home. Will they compensate him or is he SOL?

jhawkinsf 6 years, 1 month ago

Isn't there a certain assumption that a mobile home in a rented space isn't permanent?
Isn't this like any rental, residential or commercial, where at the end of a lease, the property owner has the right to do something else with his property? Don't the renters understand this when they enter into the rental agreement?

Tara Painter 6 years ago

In the last month, we here at Harper Woods are getting alot of these move in's. The 21st of March they are moving in half a dozen of them. Thats all we need a bunch of crack heads with all the children we have here, lowering are value. We can't afford a house in this high dollar town, and yet were the ones that stay not the students. They trash our town and leave. There money goes to the schools, not the city. They are more inportant things then more housing for students. What the hell do they need a house for, to so called feel at home. There students they well be living, they don't need all that room. The low class need more of that room then they do. I know tons of families who are cramped in a two bedroom trailer with three or more kids who could use that room. They should of added more trailers in, not move them out. Why are we not helping the lower income family, and giving them what they need. We don't need more student housing or fast food places. I know everyone whould agree with me that there is more better things to do with that then build student housing on it, and how does that save money when most of them leave during the summer. Its no better, and we just built them student appartments across the street by walmart. What has this city done for the locals in the last few years, when during this time we need it the most.

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