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40 years ago: State legislation and Valentine ads

February 14, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Feb. 14, 1972:

  • A bill to impose a mandatory 2-day jail sentence on drunk drivers narrowly passed in the Kansas House today on a 64-55 vote. The bill now was on its way to the Senate. Other bills sent to the Senate included one increasing the per-mile rate paid to government officials using their own car on official business (changing from 9 cents per mile to 10 cents) and another that limited the hours for driving under a restricted license from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • A few Valentine's Day messages from the special section in the Classifieds are excerpted here. Are there still some Journal-World readers who will recognize their old messages from 40 years ago? "Some motorbikes are red, some horses are blue, Tommy and Janet, I Love You -- Dad." ... "Signor N -- I am interested. Love, Signora." ... "Good Morning Forever! 'Crazy Man.'" ... "Ding Ding, Please, let's be more than mere friends. I really care about you, I really do! Love, Ding Bat." ... "We kids love Jeanie, with the dark brown hair. Lecompton bus driver #343, So sweet, so fair!" ... "I am surrounded by love, truth and beauty. Thank you, Lawrencians, for doing more than your duty. (signed) D. P." ... "Sandrat -- I'll love you till the ocean wears rubber pants to keep its bottom dry!" ... "To Kevin, a boy in the 7th at Eudora, who I care about a lot, Lots of Love, From a Friend." ... "A.B. -- First surprise for you is in towel closet. Second surprise coming. Happy Valentine's Day. Love, W.B. and P.P."


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