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100 years ago: KU Glee Club leaves on western tour

February 14, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Feb. 14, 1912:

  • "On Monday, when a private car on the Santa Fe 9:50 morning train leaves Lawrence, be not deceived into thinking that it contains a group of multi-millionaires, or a company of railroad officials, but stare if you wish for there will be a sight worth seeing -- the Glee Club of the University of Kansas starting westward on its tour.... The trip is being given by the Santa Fe at its Y.M.C. A. rooms along its routing west.... The Santa Fe is trying to do everything in its power to make the trip a noteworthy one so the giving of the car to the boys insures them privacy and a cosy-like comfort."
  • "The girls' tennis club at the University under that organization's name is no more. At a meeting held yesterday, it was decided, although not many girls were present, that in the future the girls interested would merge their work with the Girls' Athletic Association. There are many K.U. girls who keenly enjoy tennis and they are proficient at the game."
  • "A new improvement is rapidly nearing completion at the Lawrence Water Company's Pumping Station that is believed to mean the end of the necessity of pumping water from the Kaw river to supply the town. A new gathering gallery, costing about $3500, is being installed and already water is being secured by it, although it will not be completed until the last of the week. River water has not been used for several days now, but the water company was not certain if it would be able to give this up entirely. However, last night marked a turning point and this morning Manager Frank Sauer stated that he believed there would be plenty of water from now on.... and with the new gallery working no more of the Kaw will be pumped into the city mains."
  • "At 10 o'clock this morning the President signed the proclamation admitting Arizona to the Union. With western simplicity Georg W. P. Hunt was inaugurated as the first governor."


Sarah St. John 6 years, 3 months ago

Morning all! I hope you all have a wonderful day! As it is Valentine's Day, let me take this opportunity to say that I LOVE doing OHT! In this day and age I'm lucky to have more than one job, much less have them be jobs that I love. But OHT has a special place in my heart because... well, it's like having my own time machine, almost. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this lovely sunny morning and whatever else the day will bring. Not a lot of Valentiney stuff going on in 1912, but check out 1972 for some old messages. :-)

Lawrence Morgan 6 years, 3 months ago

All of your work on OHT is wonderful. Do you have any photographs from this time?

Sarah St. John 6 years, 3 months ago

Hi kansasplains1,

The J-W was not yet including photographs in the 1912 newspaper on a regular basis. There is an occasional reproduction of a photo on the front page, usually of a famous person. This happens maybe once or twice a month, or even less frequently. The quality is usually not that great after having been scanned or photographed for microfilm.

I don't remember which OHT reader sent me this link, but there are some old Lawrence postcards here:

Some are from around the time we're reading about now.

Enjoy! :-)

Tod Sutton 6 years, 3 months ago

Sarah: Do I take it you are viewing these (100 year) old papers on microfilm? Are those available for review by the general public? At the LJW offices? At the library?

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