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100 years ago: Lawrence women meet to discuss ‘standards’ of city

February 11, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Feb. 11, 1912:

  • "At a meeting of the Federation of Women's Clubs held yesterday afternoon in the small Fraternal Aid Hall and attended by about thirty women, the general welfare and social purity of Lawrence were discussed. The outcome of the meeting was that various committees were appointed and resolutions passed to see what can be done to keeping the standard of Lawrence as high as it has always been. The general idea gained from the meeting ... is that there is no desire to say that Lawrence is bad or that there are many more evil influences here than elsewhere, but that with the growth of the city and the many students who come here to school it is only right that certain actions be taken to make Lawrence always as fine a town in which to live as it has always been. Lawrence is no longer a small town ... and with the growth of the city there are bound to creep in those influences that are not good for young people, not only of the city, but those entrusted to the care of Lawrence for the school year."
  • "The farm sale held by Frank Meinke at Fall Leaf resulted in some mighty good prices being paid for live stock and other things. Horses brought as high as $230, and five head averaged considerably over $200 each. Feed corn sold at 82 cents a bushel."


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