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Police arrest second suspect in connection with robbery at Lawrence apartment

February 9, 2012


Lawrence police have arrested a second suspect, a 23-year-old Ottawa man, who is charged in connection with a Jan. 10 robbery at a Lawrence apartment.

According to Douglas County Jail records, prosecutors have charged Dallas Jay Ambler with one count of aggravated robbery, three counts of robbery and four counts of kidnapping. A Lawrence police detective arrested Ambler about 4:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Another defendant, Colby Blaine Simon, 19, of Ottawa, last week was ordered to go to trial on March 28 on the same charges in the case after four victims testified that Simon and three other men they did not know robbed them of several items, including marijuana. One of the victims said two of the suspects hit and kicked him as they ordered him to open a safe and give them marijuana. The apartment was in the 1700 block of West 19th Street just east of 19th and Iowa streets.

Simon was arrested in Ottawa hours after the incident, and, according to testimony in the case, an investigator for Simon’s defense attorney has told the victims the three other suspects might have threatened Simon into leading them to the apartment that night.


JackMcKee 6 years, 3 months ago

another Lawrence drug dealer robbery. Dealing seems to be the number one profession in town. All the potheads I know in a 20 mile radius drive to Lawrence to procure their supply.

kimk 6 years, 3 months ago

You would think that these drug dealers would be smarter than to call the cops when their home is full of drugs. They are committing a crime everyday yet the second someone treats them like the crap that they are they are on the phone crying to the cops. But I guess if they were smart they wouldn't be dealing drugs. Wonder what kind of deal the DA offered to get them up on the stand and admit to committing numerous crimes every day of the week? Lets see if the DA's office charges the drug dealers as they should.

JackMcKee 6 years, 3 months ago

a lot of these clowns delude themselves into thinking they are fighting for freedom by dealing. Even more of them consider themselves legitimate business people. of course, we all know they are just small time criminals that are out to make a quick buck.

Richard Payton 6 years, 3 months ago

I wonder if any of these drug dealers have a concealed carry because everybody knows only law abiding citizens carry guns right?

been_there 6 years, 3 months ago

I happen to meet on of the "victims" the very next day. All he did was complain about the way the police treated (or mistreated) them and the stuff that was stolen, but not one word was mentioned about the marijuana. Is any of this sounding familiar?

been_there 6 years, 3 months ago

Now all we have to do is wait for the conspiracy accusations.

matthew2600 6 years, 3 months ago

Since everyone bashes Topeka for no reason and I'm from there, I wanted to point out I spent one day in Wichita last weekend and was reminded it is like 100 times worse than Topeka. Topeka might be boring and it's got some bad areas but it's not as crime infested as Wichita.

matthew2600 6 years, 3 months ago


Shawnee County Violent Crime Per 1,000 - 4.5 Sedgwick County Violent Crime Per 1,000 - 6.8

doc1 6 years, 3 months ago

Topeka / Wichita both are nasty run down ghetto's. I work in Topeka and it stuns me how much of a slum that whole city is. Sure there are a few select nice parts of town but everything commercial is ghetto.

ottawaway 6 years, 3 months ago

Matthew2600, maybe you should read up on the Hudson Crossing crimes and murders!!

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