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Victim seeks legislative help to strengthen Kansas anti-stalking law

February 6, 2012


A bill that would provide additional protections to victims of stalking and domestic violence could soon be heading to Gov. Sam Brownback.

This week, the Kansas Senate approved a version of the measure that the House passed last month. The bill will now head to conference committee before it could head to the governor’s desk.

The Kansas Attorney General’s Office and the Kansas Bureau of Investigation crafted House Bill 2613, which would make violations of protection from stalking and protection from abuse orders a level-6 felony. Such crimes are now misdemeanors.

The bill would also allow judges to extend the amount of time protection orders are valid, up to life. Orders are now valid for up to one year, but victims have to reapply every year — and potentially face their abuser in court.

Kristen Beaudette of Kansas has been fighting for years for such changes. The father of Beaudette’s daughter, Ty Barnett, has been in and out of prison since 2003 for physically abusing the girl. Barnett had also spent five years in prison after pleading guilty to torturing an infant in Salina in 1995. The infant later died.

Beaudette has changed her identity and done everything she can to hide from Barnett.

“I’ve jumped through so many hoops,” said Beaudette.

But Barnett is eligible for parole in June, and Beaudette fears having to confront him in court in order to apply for a new protection order.

If the bill becomes law, victims like Beaudette would possibly have to go through the court process only once.

KBI deputy director Kyle Smith — who helped write the bill — said the legislation would be a welcome change for victims and advocates.

“They deserve to have the system protect them,” Smith said.

In Douglas County in 2010, there were 295 filings for protection of abuse orders — which is filed when those involved had a previous relationship. Protection from stalking orders — filed when there is no previous relationship between the offender and victim — tallied 219 in the county 2010.

Both orders prevent someone from contacting the victim, who must prove repeated acts of harassment or abuse by the offender.

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Abuse protection orders

Chart shows the number of abuse protection orders filed in Douglas County since 2004. Most current year numbers were not available.

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Stalking orders

Chart shows the number of stalking protection orders filed in Douglas County since 2004. Most current year numbers were not available.


Oldsoul 6 years, 3 months ago

Insanity is frightening when it gets up in your face, so is ignorance. That's why aggressive KS residents who have been trained up by hick parents to prey on strangers they see as vulnerable with insulting offers of unwelcome "help" are born stalkers. Throw them in the clinker and lose the key! Anyone that ignorant needs a lot of help with their brain.

Flap Doodle 6 years, 3 months ago

Do you know goodie? You two should meet and have a hate-a-thon.

Ron Holzwarth 6 years, 3 months ago

"Barnett had also spent five years in prison after pleading guilty to torturing an infant in Salina in 1995. The infant later died."

Do I have a reading comprehension problem? I'm afraid I do.

I could have sworn I read about someone who tortured a child that later died, and he only spent five years in prison for it.

That had to be a hallucination. Maybe I should talk to my psychiatrist about it, because the text looked so real. It really did.

I really did think it said that. And it still looks like it does. But that just can't be.

C_chelle 6 years, 3 months ago

Oh you read right! I am doing a paper on this article for my Criminal Justice class. Barnett's 3 month old child died after slipping to a coma. In 1995 in Salina. She had lighter burns on the top of her head and multiple broken bones. He entered into a plea bargain and the charge was knocked down to "abuse of a child less then 18;intentional torture" He served the 5 yrs. and was a father again 2 years later. Sidney a 1 month old, was taken to the doctor with a full break in her arm and muliple fractures to her knee and left wrist. I am upset with Beaudette as her sister informed her of the case against Barnett while she was still pregnant but, she refused to belive it and to my knowledge did not look into it. She has however, since the abuse, done all that she can to protect her and her child. I fully endorse this bill. I can not even imagine being forced to confront my attacker year after year. I do not know the credibiltyof the article but, I also read that Barnett has since found her after going to such extremes as changing location, names, and ss number. and has expressed a desire to be reunited with his daughter.

readyornot 5 years, 11 months ago

At least get the facts right... Peyton Blick was not Ty Barnett's child. (It was his girl friends.) And yes, he did get away with murder. Salina allowed him to plea too early. You can be upset with Beaudette if you would like however I do know her personally. NO ONE CAN BE PREPARED FOR A SOCIOPATH- NOT EVEN YOU!!!!! Beaudette is a wonderful mom who lives for her daughter. Look at your self in the mirror... Really, can you judge her???? The toughest part is for her to TRUST again. Believe me, she has wised up and KNOWS who her real friends are. Hope you got an A on your paper- Just know you didn't get the facts right.

ezbreezy 6 years, 3 months ago

I'm in favor of this BILL, I volunteer at a women's shelter and I know that this is long over due. Although a piece of paper isn't going to stop a bullet or a fist, it may lower the rate of stalking and I pray the rate of domestic abuse declines..

readyornot 5 years, 11 months ago

Barnett has now found God- That should make everyone feel better. Violent Repeat offenders like this are let out of prison every day. Just pray that it's not your child he hurts next.... WE NEED BIG CHANGE!!!!!!

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