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Kobach confirms he’s an unpaid adviser to Romney

February 1, 2012


— Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach confirms that he’s serving as an unpaid adviser on immigration issues to Republican Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.

Kobach told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he’s been advising the former Massachusetts governor since the beginning of this year. Kobach said he started serving as an adviser even before he formally endorsed his fellow Republican last month.

The Kansas secretary of state is a former law professor who’s known nationally for advising state and local officials about cracking down on illegal immigration. He helped draft tough laws in Alabama and Arizona.

Kobach said he advised Romney during Romney’s unsuccessful 2008 campaign for the GOP presidential nomination.


Phillbert 6 years ago

Yet another "part-time" job for the man who was elected to be our full-time Secretary of State.

plainspeaking 6 years ago

How much longer can Kobach serve as the state's election official?

pace 6 years ago

Has he really been serving, I thought he was calling it in.

verity 6 years ago

Does anybody else get the feeling that they're living in a really bad dream?

Scott Morgan 6 years ago

What are the Vegas odds local boy makes good, including moving up the political ladder?

Just read some interesting polls over the past few days. Some are claiming Obama is virtually unelectable. Never heard this one back in the old Jimmy Carter days.

Kobach would be ignorant not to giving his educated advice to Mitt.

Cait McKnelly 6 years ago

"Some are claiming Obama is virtually unelectable..." Put down the Fox News and back away slowly.

Scott Morgan 6 years ago

cait, I do not watch Fox News, I read. Google unelectable Obama and see what pops up. Some wishful thinking, some projections, some what ifs, but in the end he has been a horrid president.

There are many lifelong dems who will not mutter I'm voting him out, but will do so in the privacy of the voting booth.

question4u 6 years ago

"Kobach confirms he’s an unpaid adviser to Romney"

As they say, you get what you pay for.

Maddy Griffin 6 years ago

Doubtful, since Mitt is an anchor baby.

CLARKKENT 6 years ago



cowboy 6 years ago

Time for an audit , appointment calendar , phone records , travel expenses , time away from office

Scott Morgan 6 years ago

cowboy, make sure you get his forwarding address, he will be Washington bound come next November.

lunacydetector 6 years ago

the majority of the posters above make the newspaper boring.

Cait McKnelly 6 years ago

"Only boring people find things boring." (Quote from my mother.)

jafs 6 years ago

Hey, my mom said the same thing :-)

mloburgio 6 years ago

Our moonlighting secretary of state The secretary of state, like many other public officials, is required to file a Statement of Substantial Interests. It lists the firms and organizations that have paid the secretary in addition to his $86,000 a year salary.

The list is very interesting and raises once again the ethics of pursuing two careers – as secretary of state and as an immigration attorney. It appears implausible that Kobach could have worked only on nights and weekends for these extracurricular activities, as he has suggested.

As I noted in a recent column, Kobach was alleged to have made $100,000, while secretary of state, as part of his involvement with Farmers Branch, Texas. The Federation of American Immigration Reform hired him to author an anti-immigration ordinance, according to the past mayor pro tem of that city.

But thanks to the Statement of Substantial Interests, filed in April 2011, we know of 10 others who have paid Kobach recently. Each represents income to Kobach of no less than $2,000.

Kobach received payment from the law firm of Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak, and Stewart, which claims to be one of America’s leading labor and employment law firms.

Kobach received payment from the city of Fremont, Neb., where he drafted an anti-illegal immigration ordinance.

Kobach received payment from Snell & Wilmer, a law firm in Arizona.

Kobach received payment from Maricopa County, Ariz., where he charged $300 an hour and a monthly stipend of $1,500 plus expenses, according to National Public Radio. Kobach had helped draft the famous anti-illegal laws of that state.

Kobach received payment by Digital Ally, Inc., which specializes in security cameras.

Kobach received payment from the Eagle Forum Education and Legal Defense Fund in St. Louis, Mo., an organization founded by Phyllis Schlafly.

Kobach received payment from the 7th District Missouri Republican Assembly.

Kobach received payment from The Federalist Society, a very conservative legal organization.

Kobach received payment from CMP Susquehanna Corp. as a Sunday night radio talk show host for a station in Kansas City.

But the number one benefactor is the Immigration Reform Law Institute, where Kobach serves as counsel. This organization focuses on anti-illegal immigration reform across the United States. And it is a pot of money for Kobach that is presumably quite substantial.

Read more here:

Scott Morgan 6 years ago

He also approved some new window dressings for a friend, should he report this too.

Good grief, if we were discussing a libby dem would you be so concerned. Have you ever read any book on the making of a president. Where in the world do you think they get information?

Obama was about as programmed as any candidate in our history. The second he stepped from the scripted teleprompter he failed miserably. Almost like a Frosh kid in speech, "scratch nose now, laugh, turn and look at wife, smile, resume speech.........who do you think wrote those speeches?

Mike Ford 6 years ago

I hope Kobach gets "Abramoved" one day....

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 6 years ago

If this follows the Republican MO of the last several years, Kobach, the head election official in the state, will also be Romney's campaign manager for Kansas.

For Republicans, there is no such thing as a conflict of interest, because working exclusively for your own self interest is seen as a positive personal trait-- Greed is Good.

From Kobach's perspective, at best, if Romney is elected, Kobach will get a high-profile appointment in the administration. At worst, he's self-promoted himself into even more connections with the wealthy folks who increasingly determine the outcomes of our elections. Perfect for Kobach's run for the Senate when Roberts steps down.

jafs 6 years ago

I'd prefer that Kobach not involve himself with political campaigns, since one of his main responsibilities as Secretary of State is to ensure fair elections.

This makes it look very much like impropriety to me.

He's involved with two campaigns now, from what I've read.

If he were a Democratic S of S, would you be as nonchalant?

jafs 6 years ago

I notice that you didn't answer the question.

dwendel 6 years ago

You mean like the ONE set of standards you have ? Fortunately, thinking people often can see TWO or even THREE or more perspectives on an issue. Can you even count that high? The irony is drip-o-licious.

esteshawk 6 years ago

Yea, Obama is the first President to ever play golf or take 'lavish vacations.'

blindrabbit 6 years ago

Not all a Romney fan, but if I were him , I would stay away from any "help" or advice from this Kansas slime merchant!

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 6 years ago

Romney has the taint of "moderation" within the Republican party, and that's why he's busy lining up some of the favorites of the wingnuts to give him some wingnut cred.

tomatogrower 6 years ago

"Unpaid position", as he reaches under the table, smiles and says thanks. Those tips are more than 20%.

verity 6 years ago

Quite frankly, I would be happy if Kobach spent all of his time on the golf course---or better yet, vacationing someplace far, far away. Maybe some tropical island with no phone or internet service. Paying him to do that would be much less expensive than having him here.

And, tomatogrower, I suspect you are exactly right---and even if no money exchanges hands, there will be "favors."

tolawdjk 6 years ago

Attorney General Kobach?

It could happen.

verity 6 years ago

Did you have to say that? I was blissfully unaware until now.

Steve Sharp 6 years ago

Better said, Kobach is a total tool!

jafs 6 years ago

Actually, he seems to think that he's a "partiot".

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