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Two juveniles taken into custody following Saturday incident at Dollar Tree

December 31, 2012


A 15-year-old and a 14-year-old were taken into custody Saturday following an alleged robbery at the Dollar Tree, 2108 W. 27th St.

According to Lawrence Police spokeswoman Kim Murphree, police were called to the store about 6:30 p.m. for a report of a robbery in progress.

A cashier at the store reported that the two juveniles entered the store and told people to put their hands up, but no weapon was shown.

Police responded and made contact with the juveniles, but no weapon was found, and no money was taken.

However, both were taken into custody on child in need of care and criminal threat charges.


50YearResident 4 years ago

They should have gone to a Bank, you can rob a bank with ever having a weapon.

Good job by the PD.

Bailey Perkins 4 years ago

Expect top dollar when robbing a Dollar Tree....FML

jafs 4 years ago

Death penalty for all crimes, then?

KevinBacon 4 years ago

Considering their age and the fact that no weapon was displayed, I doubt it. Can you imagine the legal troubles that could bring? Even if you could convince a jury that you were truly afraid for your life, the lawyer fees, negative attention, and guilt that would come along with shooting children could be life ruining.

James Minor 4 years ago

Good point!! It seems like a lot of people think after they shoot someone that they can tell a judge and jury about their right to the Second Amendment and all is done. All we need more of is more gun carrying idiots waiting for the chance to play policeman. More than likely these young people made a poor decision and should be able to learn from their mistake, but not by the hands of someone who can't wait for the police to arrive.

DillonBarnes 4 years ago

Of course, you seem to be making the assumption that there wasn't already someone carrying concealed in the store who chose not to use his/her firearm because of the factors at hand.

JayCat_67 4 years ago

Agreed. Anyone remember Travon Martin?

JayCat_67 4 years ago

Hadn't heard that bit of information. Will have to research it.

JayCat_67 4 years ago

The Google search I tried only displayed sites I've never seen before. One was for an outdoor gear company. Even on these, there was no mention of multiple witnesses coming forward, just one. You would think that at least one "major" news outlet would have put this out, but it doesn't appear that even Fox News was reporting it.

50YearResident 4 years ago

This is an example of where Juvenile Protection Laws are not working to prevent these 2 from continuing to perfect their criminal ways. They might be stopped at this point in time if their names and addresses could be published in the local paper so all their friends, neighbors and relatives knew who they are. But I am sure they will only have their hands slapped and no record of this will ever appear. They they will be released to try it again. I say nip crime in the bud by making permanent records of these teen events. We need to start early with Juvenile punishments instead of Free Passes.

Kendall Simmons 4 years ago

Because, of course, having a public record keeps adults from committing crimes in the future. Right? RIGHT???

Let's see what happens when we make it so that 14 year olds won't be able to get jobs as adults because of their juvenile record. What are their options, then? Welfare? Nah. Commit more crimes? Sounds like a plan to me. A really, really, really crappy plan.

50YearResident 4 years ago

What are their options then? That is obvouis to most of us, they clean up their act and go straight. Oh, and most of the adults commiting crimes, they learned that "crime pays" when they were 14 or 15 years old. (Get it?)

Bob Forer 4 years ago

Maybe if we had a proactive and realistic sex education policy instead of abstinence, single teen age underclass girls would be having less children, many of whom end up committing crime. Of course, Brownback and company only care about the fetus. Once you're born, you're on your own.

08Champs 4 years ago

We could teach boys to keep it to themselves, use protection, or pay support. But it's easier to blame just the girls. May not be the intent, but its a typical comment.

parrothead8 4 years ago

Maybe we, as a community, should take steps when they are young to make sure their lives aren't so bleak that they feel they have to resort to a life of crime instead of just punishing them for it for the rest of their lives.

Jean1183 4 years ago

You are absolutely right! I can say from personal experience that if you let them suffer the consequences early they will (most likely---not 100% for every kid) turn around.

colicole81 4 years ago

It seems strange that such young kids would attempt to rob a store, hang around until police showed up then be taken into custody on "child in need of care". It sounds like maybe they had been abandon and needed money for food! I hope these kids are ok.

colicole81 4 years ago

It doesn't ay anything about where they were located. It says police were called to the scene and made contact with the juveniles. Either way they were taken in under "child in need of care". Where were their parents?

MarcoPogo 4 years ago

Seems like it would be smarter to rob a place that was called "The Several Dollars Tree".

Bob_Loblaw 4 years ago

St. Johns Military School in Salina......but only if they have a frequent delinquent scholarship of course. It will make them...or break

Leslie Swearingen 4 years ago

That is a terrible idea. I don't want anyone to be broken. I think it is way to easy to make a laundry list of things a parent can do that will make their children grow up to be a certain kind of person. Don't we all know of families where children with the same influences become totally different adults?

While you are making a decision so is everyone else and sooner or later all of those decisions are going to collide and bounce off to create other decisions. You can't say for a certainty what is going to be happening to you five minutes from now.

I wish the best for these two young men.

greenworld 4 years ago

Im sure a couple thugs from t-town with nothing to do and trying to get some quick cash to buy some dope.

andrew55 4 years ago

Repeat offender? Cut off remaining hand.

andrew55 4 years ago

Oh no. We are too "civilized" for that.

workinghard 4 years ago

"Because, of course, having a public record keeps adults from committing crimes in the future. Right? RIGHT???

Let's see what happens when we make it so that 14 year olds won't be able to get jobs as adults because of their juvenile record. What are their options, then? Welfare? Nah. Commit more crimes? Sounds like a plan to me. A really, really, really crappy plan."

I know of at least three of those indicted in the following drug ring bust (including two of the main ones) got into trouble as teens and went to Job Corp instead of prison and learned profitable trades that should have enabled them to make an honest decent paying living. What did they choose to do instead? Sell drugs. Some kids, no matter how much you try to help them, are determined to take the high paying illegal path.

JayCat_67 4 years ago

True, but then again, the ones that do learn their lesson and go on to do something with their lives don't often make the news again, do they?

snooky 4 years ago

i doubt they were going to rob a dollar tree word on the street is the clerk argued with 14 year old and was being a mature adult and fixed him by telling poloce he was serious when they absolutely knew that was not the case. oh yes that will teach them!!!!!:(

JayCat_67 4 years ago

Seriously? You were able to make sense of that? Wow, you're good.

gottasayit 4 years ago

Ok, so I work at Dollar Tree. The fact here is that these were people doing their jobs, families with children shopping and a kid "jokingly" says it's a hold up, he has a gun, isn't afraid to use it and says he will shoot the cops too? And these employees and families are supposed to shrug it off as if it is just "some kids"?? These are teenagers. They should know better. And no one should have to take this lightly just because we don't want to cause a problem in their future. Tell me one person who would not have felt threatened if they heard those words while working behind the counter or while standing in line with their kids.

Given recent events in school shootings... Are we to expected to look the other way if a teenager comes to school and "jokingly" says he has a gun and isn't afraid to use it???? Word on the street doesn't always paint the whole picture.

I am glad my co-workers did what they did. I don't want to see these kids lives ruined. I hope that they learn a very hard but very important lesson from this and are able to get on the right path.

oldbaldguy 4 years ago

I have represented kids who are just aholes. That's why crimes were committed. They never learn.

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