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100 years ago: Natural gas wasted in oil fields, Lawrence man claims

December 30, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Dec. 30, 1912:

  • "Something or other kept the gas pressure up in Lawrence this morning even though the mercury showed a tendency to drop down toward the low figures. It has been the case in the past few months that a drop on the part of the thermometer was accompanied by a weakening of the gas pressure, but it was not so this morning.... A Lawrence man who has been in the gas territory in southern Kansas for several months declares that there is a gross waste of gas in this section of the country and that if the gas were conserved there would not be the scarcity which the gas burning towns experience every time there is a cold spell. All of the gas people realize this but it seems impossible for them to do anything to prevent this waste. According to the Lawrence man, the oil magnates are responsible for the waste of the gas. Whenever they secure a lease on a piece of this territory they immediately open up a well and allow all of the gas to escape. 'Blow out' it is called. Some of these wells have been known to run or blow for several days until the well had been exhausted in the meantime wasting millions of feet of gas which Lawrence and other towns are clamoring for. After the gas is all blown out the oil men continue their search for oil. This article is so much more valuable than gas that the promoters do not consider the value of gas and waste it in their efforts to secure oil."
  • "The Golden Belt Road across Kansas and through Lawrence has received another splendid boost, and incidentally it has received a new name, 'Goodrich Trans-Kan Route.' The Golden Belt Route has been mapped and logged by the Goodrich people and a folder issued showing the route and directing the traveler across the state of Kansas."
  • "Several Lawrence men will be in Topeka on January 13 to attend the inauguration ceremonies when Governor Elect Hodges takes the oath of office and become the executive head of the state. The town's military men have all been invited to be present and it is expected that they will attend."
  • "Already the advance guard of the returning student body is arriving in Lawrence although the Christmas vacation is only half over. These students are mostly those who have fallen behind in their work thus far and are coming back early to make an effort to catch up."
  • "Williamstown is planning the organization of a church after having been without one for years. At present meetings are being held in a hall but the town is without a church building. It is now proposed to organize a church in the town and the plan is progressing rapidly."


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