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Water main break shuts down part of Massachusetts Street

December 28, 2012, 10:43 a.m. Updated December 28, 2012, 2:11 p.m.


Traffic is being re-routed after a water main break in the 700 block of Massachusetts street.

Traffic is being re-routed after a water main break in the 700 block of Massachusetts street.

The southbound lane in the 700 block of Massachusetts has been shut down since early Friday morning following a water main break, according to Mike Lawless, assistant utilities director for the city of Lawrence.

Traffic is being re-routed at the Massachusetts Street intersections at both Sixth and Eighth streets.

Lawless said a leak in a fire line midway down the 700 block of Massachusetts street was the cause of Friday's problems. The lane was still closed Friday evening.


KiferGhost 2 years ago

Infrastructure crumbling while our commissioners pad pockets.

KiferGhost 2 years ago

Wasn't aware that downtown was effected by the drought like a yard.

Smarmy_Schoolmarm 2 years ago

What do you think is under downtown KiferGhost?

KiferGhost 2 years ago

Well something along the lines of the picture below. The wealthy Boston Masons built an underground structure to hide their treasure, it was what Quantrill was looking for when he sacked the town. Compton bought it and had it boarded up all this time because he was searching for the treasure but some think he didn't use the special specs in the correct way and actually it was over on 9th and NH where he is building a deep hole to find it there. Fritzel actually thinks it was where the Oread is now and then down the block. It explains why all the developers have taken a fancy to digging deep under all their projects.

Smarmy_Schoolmarm 2 years ago

Well heck. I was interested until I saw Nicholas Cage was there.

KiferGhost 2 years ago

Didn't notice with Diane Kruger behind him ;)

WilburM 2 years ago

How many times does this have to happen before th4e city truly gets serious about infrastructure? It's not sexy, and there won't be some plaque to commemorate the commissioners who voted for repairs, but a long-term plan seems essential, as opposed to the West Side edifice complex that seems unstoppable. So we'll have BB courts, workout facilities, a huge KU presence, and continued water main breaks in older parts of town.

We need to stop, and think, especially as state dollars are almost certain to decrease. So far, only Mike Amyx is making any sense at all.

KiferGhost 2 years ago

Perhaps Schumm is dealing with a little karma, wonder if the waterline break shut him down today?

bevy 2 years ago

I was at his restaurant at noon, it wasn't terribly busy but not empty either. About as expected for this time of year.

Matthew Herbert 2 years ago

"it wasn't terribly busy"....largely because of the food quality, I'd imagine

kernal 2 years ago

Show me a city with an infrastructure as old as ours that isn't having the same problems. It's about lack of money due to poor planning for this eventuality. The majority poo-pooed the warnings, so here we are. Deal with it.

KiferGhost 2 years ago

But Lawrence should be rolling in the dough since sprawl supposedly adds so much more money to the tax base. Why are we cooking up scams to benefit our big developers instead of doing what a city is suppose to do?

KansasPerson 2 years ago

According to the press release I saw this morning:

"The main break is on a 6-inch ductile iron, fire sprinkler line installed in 2001."

So, not an ancient water pipe.

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