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100 years ago: Downtown merchants begin taking yearly inventory

December 27, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Dec. 27, 1912:

  • "With the passing of the Christmas season comes another that if anything is equally if not more fatiguing for the store clerk than the grand rush and scramble of Christmas purchasers -- The Annual Invoice. In many business houses the invoicing began immediately after Christmas, some are planning to wait until the first of the year while others will not make the annual accounting until next summer when business is dull. But the great majority of business houses plan the invoice during the week between Christmas and New Year's so that they can start anew with the beginning of the next year.... The public does not see the events of the week following [Christmas], it does not see the weary salesman and saleslady take down box after box, yard after yard and from shelf upon shelf and drawer after drawer, count the contents, pile it all carefully back, note it on the tag, check it off, and then start upon another bolt, or box or shelf, or what ever else it may be. And thus the invoice merrily proceeds and the owner is able to determine the profits and losses, he knows what to buy for the next year and what not to buy."
  • "The Good Fellows concert at the Bowersock Theater last night was a decided success and a splendid Christmas treat for Lawrence. A good crowd gathered to hear the musicians and the program was one that was thoroughly enjoyed by this crowd.... The middle section downstairs was reserved for the special guests of the evening and the section was filled with those who not often have the opportunity of hearing a concert like this. A large number of those in this section were children and the concert was a real treat for them. Thus this first Good Fellow concert was a decided success, so much so that it is planned to make it an annual affair at Christmas time."
  • "Garden City, Kan. -- Judge Wm. H. Thompson, United States senator-elect, appeared today with singed hair and eyebrows and burned hands as a result of playing Santa Claus for a house full of children at his home on the occasion of a Christmas party given by his son and daughter. His clothing caught fire from the candles on the tree. He was almost completely enveloped with fire but wrapped himself in a rug and smothered the flames."


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