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100 years ago: South campus tract a possibility for KU athletic use

December 22, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Dec. 22, 1912:

  • "The first step of the University towards a new athletic field and stadium was consummated recently when the University secured an option on the Gowans tract of 19 1/2 acres immediately adjoining Robinson Gymnasium on the south. The price named in the option is $29,000. The money needed for the new tract is included in the budget just submitted to the State Auditor under the caption of Campus Extension. The land is practically level, beginning just at the foot of the abrupt hill back of the Gym and extending some little distance to the south. At present the University has the tract leased and it is used as a soccer field.... About a year ago elaborate plans were prepared by two Seniors in the School of Engineering under the direction of Dr. James Naismith, head of the Department of Physical Education, which if carried out will give Kansas athletic fields and a stadium taking the front rank in the West. The plans called for a huge concrete stadium erected on the side hill which forms a natural amphitheater. The stadium will surround the main gridiron and diamond, around which there will be a quarter mile cinder path. Outside the stadium proper provision is made for several additional gridirons, for the Scrubs, Freshmen and class teams, extra diamonds, tennis courts, outdoor handball courts, sprints and places for all kinds of outdoor sports. McCook Field, the present athletic field, is a long ways from the Gymnasium and training shanties for the athletes are maintained there. Recently several thousand dollars were invested in remodeling the old and adding new bleachers in order to accommodate the crowds for the annual Missouri-Kansas game which now alternates between the new schools."
  • "C. O. Bowman went to Wichita today to attend the state meeting as the representative of the Douglas County Automobile and Good Roads association. At this meeting it is designed the new laws asked for by the automobile owners in the state will be drawn. The automobile owners are now in favor of a state license for all automobiles. Also for a law to use convict labor on the roads."
  • "With winter coming on with its wind and its snow and its cold the Lawrence Humane Society is planning to look after the poor dumb animals of the city and is promising to see that they are properly protected from this cold and wind and snow. Last night at the regular monthly meeting of the society it was decided that a committee of humane workers should make a tour of inspection of the city and see that all animals are properly housed and protected during the winter. This committee will visit all barns and stables in the city and where animals are found to be poorly provided for the owners will be informed of the humane law and instructed to comply with it and make such repairs or changes as will provide better for the comfort of the animals."


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