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Black Hills Energy advises winter safety

December 21, 2012


Black Hills Energy advises customers to keep ice and snow off gas meters for safety.

Snow and ice accumulation on natural gas meters can be dangerous, according to an announcement from Black Hills Energy.

Buildup on a meter can also cause an inaccurate bill or loss of service.

Natural gas contains a rotten egg odor to draw attention to a gas leak. If an indoor gas leak is suspected, evacuate the home or building and call 911 or the Black Hills emergency assistance at (800) 694-8989 immediately. During evacuation, do not touch any electronics, windows or switches because static electricity can cause a spark and ignite a fire. Do not return inside until a Black Hills Energy official says the home or building is safe.

To ensure safety, precautions can be taken to prevent a gas leak: Be sure to brush snow off of gas meters with a broom or hand and avoid objects that will damage the meter — do not use a shovel or ice pick. Also, gently remove snow from outdoor vents serving as high-efficiency furnaces. Keep outdoor equipment, such as shovels and snow blowers, away from gas meters and piping.


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