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100 years ago: Letter to editor: Give poor children toys as well as necessities

December 20, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Dec. 20, 1912:

  • "Editor Journal-World: I have just read the article in yesterday's paper, and might say I do not quite agree with the writer, and the suggestion, 'That money spent for toys might be better employed in making children happy.' What delights the heart of a child more than some toy or plaything, for their very own amusement? Perhaps the writer never knew the joy or pleasure of possessing toys when a child, and cannot speak from experience.... A LITTLE money will go a long ways in buying simple, inexpensive toys. Can the mind imagine anything more pathetic or appealing than to see a child looking in at a shop window full of bright toys, tops, balls, dolls and picture books, and longing for these things he is too poor to buy. We have in our city well-organized societies to care for the poor and needy, with food and clothing; then, why not give the poor children a few toys? Yes! Give the children toys to gladden their hearts this happy Christmas time. -- R____ _____."
  • "Frank Norris of Leavenworth County has been arrested and is being held on the charge of holding up the Union Pacific Agent at Linwood Wednesday night. He has been positively identified by Mr. Hoar as the man who accosted him with a revolver and forced him to open the money drawer at the depot and allow him to take the cash it contained. Norris was arrested by the town marshal of DeSoto, Kan., and later turned over to the Leavenworth County authorities. He is a resident of the County and has lived near Linwood for many years. A charge of highway robbery probably will be preferred against him."
  • "Topeka -- A movement to obtain transportation for the Kansas survivors of the battle of Gettysburg to the fiftieth anniversary celebration on the battlefield next summer at the expense of the state was inaugurated today by J. N. Harrison, department commander of the G.A.R. Harrison stated that he would present a bill to the next legislature asking that the fares of the old soldiers by paid."
  • "A Washington dispatch today says that Ward Ellis has been allowed to resign 'for the good of the service.' He is in the navy and is stationed at Mare's Island. He is a first lieutenant and has been in the navy about five years. Ward Ellis used to live in Lawrence. He was never popular, but he was the son of Judge Ellis of the Supreme Court. The family lived in one of the Snow cottages. Ward was appointed to the naval academy, but it seems he did not make good. This is the first that has been heard of him since he entered the service."
  • "FARMER JOINS GOOD FELLOWS -- Has a Big Butchering, Remembers the Poor of the City. -- A farmer living close to Lawrence has joined the ranks of the Good Fellows, and he paid a very substantial entrance fee, 150 pound of pork, and with pork prices soaring at that. This farmer sent word to Lawrence yesterday that he had his contribution ready and some of the Good Fellows from the city went out and brought it in, and distributed it to worthy families."


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