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Editorial: Pediatric alliance

Kansas City hospitals are joining forces to provide improved pediatric treatment services.

December 19, 2012


Congratulations to those at Kansas University Hospital, the KU Medical Center and Kansas City’s Children’s Mercy Hospital for working out a plan to join forces to develop an integrated and superior pediatric program.

All parties are winners in this plan: the patients, doctors, medical staffs and the three health care institutions. Also, the excellence of this plan makes Kansas City a true national leader in all phases of pediatric care.

Years ago, perhaps 20 to 30 years ago, representatives of Children’s Mercy, KU Medical Center and KU Hospital, which at that time was part of the state’s medical center, visited about a joint association, but for one reason or another, nothing was accomplished.

Several years ago a group of Kansas City leaders, aided by several KU officials, tried to jam through a plan that would weaken the now totally independent KU Hospital and, to a degree, the KU Medical Center, in order to strengthen St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City, Mo. The plan was a one-way street, which fortunately was killed, although there are those who would like to revive it.

The KU-Children’s Mercy arrangement is far different with the various representatives and institutions putting together a plan that is good for all parties, particularly the patients.

Health care already is a giant national topic of concern and it is likely to become an even more discussed, frustrating, puzzling and debated topic. The availability of quality health care, costs, insurance, government control, rationing, etc., all will capture greater public attention.

The Mercy-KU plan is a major step in improving and advancing pediatric care and eliminating costly duplication of efforts.

Once again, congratulations to those who engineered the visionary, common-sense and mutually beneficial plan.


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