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40 years ago: Old family violin stolen in home burglary

December 18, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Dec. 18, 1972:

  • A burglary ring in Jefferson County was suspected in a break-in at a family home this past weekend. While the homeowners were out of town, intruders had entered the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Holey about six miles north of the Lawrence airport. The burglars had taken a television, radio, electric heater, fishing tackle, a chain saw and an electric drill, but the most heart-rending loss for the family was a violin which had been given to Holey by his grandfather. The instrument was over 150 years old, Holey said. "There is no way to put a value on the violin, but the rest of the items are worth about $400, at least to me," said Holey.
  • Burglaries of apartments in Lawrence were "one of our greatest headaches," according to Police Chief Richard Stanwix, who today warned departing students to lock their doors while out of town for the holidays. He also asked that anyone noticing unusual or suspicious activity in an area to call police immediately.


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