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100 years ago: Local musicians to offer free concert for the poor

December 17, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Dec. 17, 1912:

  • "Chas. Brown and his musicians are the latest recruits in the ranks of the Good Fellows of Lawrence. The First Regimental Band of Kansas and the Baptist-Congregational Orchestra will give a concert on the evening of December 26 for the entertainment of the poor people of the city. The concert is to be given in the Bowersock Theater which has been donated for the purpose by Mr. Bowersock. The band and the orchestra will give their time and work for the purpose of adding cheer to the Christmas of the poor of the city who might not enjoy the season as their more fortunate neighbors.... The best seats in the house will be reserved for the guests of honor. The entire middle section of the parquet is to be reserved for the poor people. The other seats in the house will be free to any citizens who appreciate good music.... This is a real work of good fellowship. There are many people in the city who enjoy and appreciate good music and yet cannot afford to attend the various concerts given here. During the summer time they have the same opportunities as others of hearing the park concerts but in the winter time music is a scarcity to them. This concert is for them and it should prove to be a real treat of the Christmas season."
  • "Recently there have been several instances of shop lifting in Lawrence. Several of the larger stores of the city have added plain clothes men to their forces and will endeavor to stop this sort of nuisance."
  • "Tony Williams and 'Duke' Maxstead appeared in police court this morning, the first to answer a charge of gambling and the other on a charge of conducting a gambling resort. Both of them pleaded not guilty and will stand trial on tomorrow morning. It is alleged that a big game was on Saturday night and that considerable money changed hands during the evening. Others may be implicated in the game before the case is disposed of."


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