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Topeka man arrested on firearms, stolen property charges

December 16, 2012


Police arrested a 39-year-old Topeka man in Lawrence on Saturday night on charges of illegally possessing a firearm, a controlled substance and stolen property. Donnie Ray Lockhart was arrested in the 800 block of West 24th Street and booked into the Douglas County Jail just after midnight. The man has not yet been charged and was released on a $4,500 bond Sunday morning.


thuja 1 year, 4 months ago

Get a grip and get rid of your guns.

For all of us.


mikekt 1 year, 4 months ago

If 1/2 of 1 % of all of the guns sold annually in the US, are stolen in robberies, that would be 200,000 newly stolen weapons on the street of this country, that will be put to illicit uses .

If 30 % of the guns sold annually, are simply left without a first rate trigger lock on them, that would be 1,200,000 new guns annually , that are accesable to whomever....with whatever mental problems or anger issues that they have, of the moment, that would otherwise pass, undesasterously .

So, maybe I have guessed the numbers high ? ......or mabe i guessed the numbers low ? Or maybe nobody knows for sure ( probably ! ) ?

You need not be a psychic, to predict the outcome of what happens with "guns-gone-wild" or with people who are self blinded to the possible outcomes of "casual-by-self-choice" gun ownership, that fails to prepare them for gun gun ownership / gun saftey custody issues.


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