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100 years ago: Original surveyor of Lawrence townsite dies at age 76

December 11, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Dec. 11, 1912:

  • "Thomas J. Sternbergh, the man who laid out the city of Lawrence, died this morning at his home in Redlands, California, aged 76 years.... During the year 1857 Mr. Sternbergh arrived in Lawrence, and here he engaged in the surveying of the town site, after which he became cashier of Ed Thompson's bank. After the opening of the civil war he abandoned his business and joined the Union army.... In June 1863 he returned home to where he bought a one-half interest in the hardware store of A. Storm and Co. He suffered a heavy loss in the Quantrell Raid but after the raid Mr. Sternbergh rebuilt his store and resumed the business here."
  • "Not very much interest is being shown in the efforts of the Salvation Army to give the poor of the city a Christmas dinner. The little glasses that have been distributed over the city have very little money in them and the people haven't as yet seemed to take much of an interest in it."
  • "A great deal of uneasiness is being felt by the students of the High School on account of the petty thieving going on there. Somebody, evidently a student, has been going through the coat pockets of the other students the taking most anything that happens to be there. This practice has been going on for several years but not until recently has it reached the point where it is very unwise to leave even a stick of candy in your pockets."
  • "At last the preachers have taken up arms against the innocent bunnies and for today at least the rabbits in the vicinity of the Clevenger farm north of town had better keep themselves as far away as possible for the preachers say that they are all good shots and can hit a rabbit if said rabbit will only sit still long enough. The party, composed of Dr. Bulgin, Rev. Wilhite, Rev. Milton, Dr. Rose and Alfred Lawrence, started out this morning for a day's hunting north of town about five miles and will take dinner of fried chicken at the home of John Clevenger."


FlintlockRifle 5 years, 6 months ago

""take dinner of fried chicken at the home of John Clevenger." what a different way to say have dinner at the Clevenager home. Thanks Miss Sarah for the old timey wording found in this 100 years ago story

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