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100 years ago: Invitation arrives three years too late

December 10, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Dec. 10, 1912:

"An invitation mailed in Lawrence inviting a Kansas City woman to be present at a certain society function which took place in Lawrence three years ago has just been received by the guest. The invitation was sent in plenty of time but it miscarried and the guest did not attend the party. The invitation was mailed from here three years ago to Mrs. Alex Rankin, 907 East Thirty-first street. The mail pouch in which the letter went out was stolen when the train was wrecked. A package of letters was found in the woods where it had been hidden and advertisements of the contents made through the press. Mrs. Rankin read her name in the advertisement and answered it. When the letter was handed her by the postman it was almost in as good condition as when mailed at Lawrence three years ago. 'I never did get to attend that party,' said Mrs. Rankin last night."

"The movement for a commission form of government for Lawrence received a substantial boost last night at a meeting of citizens held at the High School auditorium and today boosters are actively engaged in securing signers to a petition which is to be presented to the city council in the near future. About 100 interested, the great majority of whom were in favor of the change, gathered at the auditorium and discussed the issue of turning from the old council system of government to commission form."

"Donnelly Brothers will erect a handsome new brick building on the site of the old livery barn on New Hampshire street which was recently destroyed by fire. The building will be made into a garage and will be the home of the Ford car in Lawrence. It will be occupied by Stone & Stewart, the local Ford agents."

"While Sam Elliot was making his mail delivery this morning his horse was frightened by a small boy jumping out in front of him and started north towards the U. P. tracks at a good gait. Fortunately there was nobody in the wagon for when the horse reached the track the wagon skidded and hit a telephone pole, which completely demolished it."

"On the 20th of this month, the New England Society of Lawrence will give their annual banquet at Ecke's hall in honor of Pilgrims or Forefathers day. This annual banquet has come to be one of the great events of the year in Lawrence and the one this year promises to be the best ever. The New England society is composed of the people of Lawrence who were born, or whose ancestors were, New Englanders. There are about 175 to 200 members of the society who meet once a year at a dinner to bring back memories of the past and show people that the Southerners aren't the only ones that can get up a dinner."


Stephanie Hull 5 years, 6 months ago

Quite a few horse accidents have been mentioned in OHT recently. I wonder if people could buy insurance for their animals and wagons. These losses must have been quite expensive.

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