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100 years ago: Seven KU girls respond to appeals from western Kansas bachelors

December 9, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Dec. 9, 1912:

  • "Seven Kansas University Co-Eds have heard the appeal of the Stockton Bachelors Club, which is not an organization of men who have banded together for the purpose of resisting Cupid's darts, but whose one great purpose is to promote matrimony among the membership of the Club. This organization has let it be known that Seven Young Men, some of them rather good-looking, all of them good-natured, and most of them possessed with a goodly share of the world's goods, are eligible to become good, loving and faithful husbands for seven girls from anywhere who will promise to look after their homes near Stockton, Kan. These bachelors promise all that can be asked of a husband and their appeal and these promises have touched the hearts of seven Kansas University girls who have been facing a single life as school teachers in this and other states. If they can land a well-to-do bachelor for a husband and share with him the pleasures of his more or less pretentious country home, happiness will be theirs and they will be ready to close the bargain as soon as they claim their diplomas in the spring. The bachelors in their advertisement stated that there were a number of positions open in Stockton stores where the girls might obtain employment and might there become acquainted with the Bachelors and become engaged and married according to the prescribed ways of the world. But the K.U. applicants intend to remain in school until the close of the year and so they have made use of the mails, the photographer's studio and 'How to Write Love Letters.' And so one morning last week there were seven plump envelopes addressed in feminine hands to the 'Short Grass Bachelors' Club of Stockton, Kansas' dropped into the box at the post office at Lawrence, and the mail clerk smiled as he slipped the letters into the proper mail bag and started them on their mission. And now these girls are waiting for answers. Waiting for Dan Cupid to inform them that the seven Western Kansas bachelors will await their coming in the spring."
  • "West Lawrence woke up this morning with the thermometer on the descent and the gas pressure in hot pursuit -- also going down. The fall of the mercury has been on for several days but last night it reached its lowest and this morning seemed a suitable time for the gas to refuse to flow through the pipes with any degree of certainty. Valves were opened to the limit but it was only a tiny flame that could be kindled on the grate or the burner. Many west Lawrence families ate cold breakfasts this morning because they depend upon gas and because the little flicker wasn't sufficient to do its work. And they sat around in overcoats, gathered about the stove trying to coax a little blaze into a heat producer of decent size. But it didn't do much good and the only relief came when the gas burner was thrown into the discard and wood and coal resumed their old place in the family stove or furnace. And thus it would seem that the gas pressure and the thermometer have entered into some sort of a conspiracy whereby the coal man profited. It seems that every time the weather man sends a cold gust of wind this way the gas pressure is the first thing to complain of it and it does so by going out."
  • "There is much complaint being made in Lawrence at present regarding the slow service being given by the street cars. The change to a seventeen minute schedule is proving very unsatisfactory to those who ride the cars and especially those who desire to make connections between lines."


Ron Holzwarth 5 years, 5 months ago

Stockton, Kansas, is not exactly a big city today. I had never heard of it, although I have very likely driven through it. It appears to be about 50 miles north of Hays, Kansas. As of the 2010 census, the city population was 1,329.

They have a movie theater there that is open today, and it appears to me that it sets some kind of record. With a seating capacity of 300, about one out of every 5 citizens of Stockton can be seated at once.

For a movie theater in Lawrence to equal that seating capacity, it would need to have about 17,745 seats. But, that would be only a fraction of the seating capacity of Memorial Stadium, which seats 50,071.

Ron Holzwarth 5 years, 5 months ago

There is an attractive thing about Stockton, Kansas. The three bedroom home at 203 North 1st Street is for sale for $20,000. Your estimated mortgage payment would be about $87 per month. There are three other homes on the market at the moment that are more expensive.

Bladerunner 5 years, 5 months ago

Sorry Ron. Those letters are 100 years old if you are thinking of relocating........ Muah ha ha!

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