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100 years ago: Residents discuss future of water plant at public meeting

December 7, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Dec. 7, 1912:

  • "The present water plant is inadequate to take care of the demands of the city, the supply is uncertain in quality and quantity. The plant needs repairing and remodeling and the service extended, and all of these faults must be remedied soon. These facts, known to Lawrence for several years, were brought out stronger than ever before last night when the report of the water committee of the Commercial Club was read at a mass meeting of citizens held in the Commercial Club rooms. Next, the committee turned to the remedy and suggested improvements and changes which would necessitate the expenditure of a sum of money estimated by the committee to be close to $106,000.... The third problem which the committee took up and dealt with was the matter of rates. The committee advised that the present rates were too low to permit the making of the needed changes and urged that the schedule be revised so that the income would be sufficient to allow the making of the changes.... The report is the basis for action and speedy action. It shows clearly that the people of Lawrence cannot expect to have pure water from the present company and any arrangement would only be a temporizing with the inevitable.... The fact is that privately owned water plants are out of date. The trend of public opinion is for public ownership of water works. There is just one question and that is for the city to decide to take over the plant. That is before us at this time. It must not be put off. It means everything to Lawrence."
  • "W. A. White has signified his intention of attending the progressive banquet here next Thursday night. He has said through the Topeka Capital that he is going to make an important announcement about the leadership of the party. The tickets are going as fast as could be expected. The price is sixty cents and the hall is so small that only a limited number of guests can be entertained. It is therefore advisable to get your tickets early."
  • [Advertisements] "In your hand you hold a five-cent piece. Right at the grocer's hand is a package of Uneeda Biscuit. He hands you the package -- you hand him the coin. A trifling transaction? No -- a remarkable one -- for you have spent the smallest sum that will buy a package of good food -- and the grocer has sold you the most nutritious food made from flour -- as clean and crisp and delicious as it was when it came from the oven. National Biscuit Company." ... "It is never too late to take Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People for nervous troubles. You can be certain that a breakdown or exhaustion of your nerves is due to a lack of nourishment caused by thin or impure blood. The starved nerves break down after any unusual strain. This condition is easily remedied with Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People. They start at once to build up the blood, making it richer and purer with every dose, thereby checking further wear on the nerves and the progress of the disease. The new blood makes the nerves more fit every day to do their work." ... "Put a Bissell Carpet Sweeper in your home on Christmas day, it will make your wife glad. Prices $2.75, $3.25, $4.50. Oil of Gladness Mops $1.00."


Tyson Travis 5 years, 6 months ago

Uneeda Biscuits and pink pills are long gone, but Bissells are still there, used one in our family restaurant as a quick crumb sweepup for many years. The water problems probably came to light when they pumped river water into the mains, as noted in a previous column.

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