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100 years ago: Runaway horses killed by train

December 1, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Dec. 1, 1912:

  • "An eastbound Santa Fe train last night stopped a team of runaway horses but it cost the lives of the runaways. The team was hitched to a wagon and was standing at the West End Grocery when they became frightened at a boy passing by on a bicycle and started to run northward. The team ran straight down the street and started to cross the Santa Fe tracks at the crossing leading to the waterworks pump station. Here the train caught them. One horse and the wagon were thrown to the side track while the other horse was caught in the cow-catcher and carried to the Santa Fe depot where it was taken off when the train stopped. The team belonged to Arthur Emery, a farmer living near Lake View."
  • [Editorial] "The exigencies of the political situation is such that S. D. Bishop should waive personal considerations and run for mayor again. Lawrence is going to own its waterworks and it needs an experienced man like Mayor Bishop at the head of affairs. If Mayor Bishop will run again there will hardly be any opposition to him. He has been mayor nearly four years and has done his work well. He is better qualified now to serve the people than he has ever been. In this crisis when Lawrence is going to take over its first public utility it is important to have as mayor a man who is experienced and who rings true."
  • "Three boys on a hike from Santa Cruz, California, to Atlantic City, New Jersey, passed through town today. The boys have been on the road for 68 days and averaged 34 miles per day. They were sent out by the Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce as an advertising scheme and are making their way by selling postal cards."
  • "The fact that the European powers have at last realized that they are drifting toward certain conflict tends to relieve the immediate tension of the international political tangle. The belief that Great Britain, France and Germany will succeed in averting the general European war has been strengthened within the last twenty-four hours."


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