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100 years ago: Merit system initiated for streetcar drivers

August 31, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Aug. 31, 1912:

  • "A young man who has been working near Lake View found things not very harmonious between himself and his employer and he decided to quit. After staying in town for a while, he went back to get his trunk and clothes. The farmer would not let him have them but said he was going to charge storage on them and also a certain fee for the use of the telephone. These arrangements were not altogether satisfactory to the boy. He secured a writ of replevin and the services of a constable and he is now in possession of his trunk and clothes."
  • "Fred Laptad. living north of Lawrence, is a firm believer in the anti-hog cholera serum as it is being prepared at the State Agricultural college and is urging all hog raisers of the county to use it at once and even before there are signs of the disease among their hogs and thus check the disease which is showing signs of breaking out here. Mr. Laptad has used the serum with wonderful success with his own hogs and recommends it unhesitatingly to other raisers and breeders of the county."
  • "To improve the efficiency of its car service to the patrons of Lawrence the Lawrence street car company has devised a merit system for trainmen which it will put into effect the first of September. The system is one that is used to great advantage in many of the larger cities.... The plan is for the company to lay aside a certain small per cent from its gross earnings to go into a fund from which premiums are to be paid trainmen who excel in the service of the company. Regular prizes are to be offered and each man will be graded on a point system.... Yesterday afternoon all of the trainmen were summoned to the office of the company and Mr. Skinner explained it to them. They were all enthusiastic over the plan and started out to be more civil, more careful and more courteous than ever before, and Lawrence has been fortunate in having a splendid lot of street car men even before the plan was suggested."


Zype 5 years, 9 months ago

You learn something new every day. I had to go look up the word 'replevin'.

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