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Zoning code change targets truck stops

August 28, 2012


Commissioners started the process of making it more difficult to build a truck stop in Lawrence.

Commissioners began the process of changing the city’s zoning code to require that any truck stop in the city be required to first get a special use permit.

Under the current code, some industrial zoning categories would allow a truck stop to be built without any special approvals from the city. Some members of the Lawrence Association of Neighborhoods had expressed concern that trucks stops could be disruptive to nearby neighborhoods.

City planners said they were aware of no plans to build a truck stop in the city, and said such a development, in fact, was probably unlikely given that a major service center is located on Interstate 70 just outside of Lawrence.


kef104 3 years ago

God forbid we actually make it easy for a business to open that brings outside money into our community. Forget easy, we just went from unlikely to not a chance of it happening ever. Who needs trucker money when we can have more overpriced apartments instead.

rubysmom 3 years ago

Agree with you about the needless apartments. But I feel that a truck stop is not the right business to bring to our town. If we are concerned about driving away "outside" money, maybe we shouldn't be building a road that will physically "drive" them around our town.

Richard Heckler 3 years ago

For those who love truck stops find one and move in next door. Problem solved.

windjammer 3 years ago

Not one person said they love truck stops. It's kind of like love for a recycle yard isn't it merill.

windjammer 3 years ago

Everything you eat, drive, live in, everything you use every day arrived by truck. Lawrence hates trucks so much lets just make a law that trucks can't be in the city limits. Did the truck stop that was at the site where the Quick Trip is now located bother you? Most of you didn't know one was located there. And forget about the so called truck stop on the Turnpike as the have a time limit and if you stay overnight you are charged the full fare. The turnpike is a fueling station only. Are you also going to keep them off the new bypass? Trucks will be on that highway to miss the toll to KC and shorter route to Johnson County and I435.

William McCauley 3 years ago

Hey I know, lets make up some more restrictions to solve a problem that we don't have and don't see having in the near future..... How much are we paying people in city hall, like in P&D to dream up this crap. What was all that talk about becoming more business friendly around here....ROFLMAO

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 3 years ago

"Hey I know, lets make up some more restrictions to solve a problem that we don't have and don't see having in the near future....."

Like voter ID?

John Hamm 3 years ago

Voter ID is a problem whether you care to admit it or not.

repaste 3 years ago

This was for the neighbors on farmers turnpike where it was recently rezoned.

Flap Doodle 3 years ago

Is the city going to make it more difficult to open a prairie squid processing plant in Lawrence?

John Hamm 3 years ago

Do the goofballs in City Government have any idea how much cash flows through a reasonable Truck Stop on any given day? NO! Do they have any idea that crime is relatively rare there - truckers and their suppliers keep watch out for each other. Do they have any idea of the quality of Restaurants at most truck stops? There's a few I'd much rather dine at than local fare. Better food, better service and better prices. Lawrence is "business friendly" all right. Hogwash. Time to sweep City Hall clean and start all over again!

gccs14r 3 years ago

The city isn't saying no to truck stops, they just want to review proposed sites and plans.

Shane Garrett 3 years ago

Which direction? West is my guess.

johnwoods 3 years ago

Wow OonlyBonly and none2, calm down. They didn't say they were banning truck stops!

Steve Jacob 3 years ago

Anyone been to the Flying J in Emporia, or the TA in Lebo? Big money in taxes. How many years ago did the Lawrence Airport get city money for improvements by saying they would get money via fual tax.

windjammer 3 years ago

I've been to both many times and on sundays you can't find a seat because all the locals are there for sunday dinner.

gccs14r 3 years ago

If the best you can do for Sunday Dinner is a truck stop restaurant, either you need better restaurants or better taste in food.

Terry Sexton 3 years ago

Towards the end of The Grand Vacation of 2000, we stopped at a TA just outside of Amarillo. Best. Coffee. Ever. Twelve long years now & I've not sipped anything equal to it.

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