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100 years ago: Record number of students expected at KU this year

August 28, 2012


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Aug. 28, 1912:

  • "Yesterday was the official 'hot day' of 1912 according to the figures from the weather observatory at the University which give a temperature of 99 degrees above zero at 4:30 in the afternoon. This is one degree above any mark that had been previously reached and gave the day undisputed claim to the record. Four other days of this season have approached within one degree of the mark reached yesterday but it remained for August 27 to be the particular 'Hot Day' of 1912.... It was too hot for business and there were few people out. Those who were did more business at soda fountains than elsewhere."
  • "Registrar George O. Foster of the University of Kansas said this morning that he expects more students to enroll this year than ever before. Many inquiries have come in by mail from out of town students who are expecting to attend the university this fall. More than usual have called in person at the registrar's office to make inquiries about the university and the coming school year. There were about 2400 students in Lawrence last year, but Mr. Foster expects the enrollment for 1912-13 to break all records that have ever been made for attendance at the university.... From almost every county in Kansas have come reports of bumper crops this year and such conditions nearly always mean a big enrollment. Most of the students who have already arrived to not expect to stay in town until school begins. They have come to find rooms or locate positions for the winter. The big influx will not come for a few weeks. September 16 is the date set for registration and September 18 for enrollment."
  • "A modern new front is to be put in at the Guenther Grocery store in the near future. The front is to be modern in every respect and will be another valuable addition to the 700 block. The Guenther building is one of the oldest on Massachusetts street and with the building of this new front there will pass another of the old Lawrence land marks."


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