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KU student from Derby identified as pedestrian pinned between two vehicles in accident Sunday near campus

August 27, 2012, 3:57 p.m. Updated August 27, 2012, 4:38 p.m.


Lawrence police Monday identified an 18-year-old Kansas University student from Derby as the pedestrian critically injured in an accident early Sunday in the 1600 block of Tennessee Street.

Sgt. Trent McKinley, a Lawrence police spokesman, said Colby J. Liston was trying to enter a 1999 Ford Explorer that had stopped in the right lane on Tennessee Street when he was struck by another southbound vehicle. He was pinned between the two vehicles. The accident occurred at 1:26 a.m., and police responded within one minute, McKinley said.

Derby High School football coach Brandon Clark told the Varsity Kansas blog, operated by KSN-TV and the Wichita Eagle in Wichita, that the accident severed Liston’s legs below his knees. Liston played football and ran track at Derby High School.

Liston was taken to Kansas University Hospital in Kansas City, Kan., where he was listed in serious condition Monday. Other people trying to enter the Explorer suffered minor injuries.

Tennessee Street is a one-way street on which traffic travels south just east of the KU campus.

“Intoxicants were present in the involved parties, and blood test results are pending.” McKinley said. “Investigative reports, including test results, will be forwarded to the Douglas County District Attorney’s Office when they become available.”

No tickets were issued at the scene.

McKinley identified Dustin A. Erickson, 21, also of Derby, as the driver of the Ford Explorer that Liston was getting into. The driver of the southbound vehicle that struck the Explorer from behind was Julian M. Kuszmaul, a 21-year-old KU student from Lawrence.

Police were continuing to investigate the crash on Monday.

Investigators had determined that Erickson’s vehicle had slowed and stopped in the right lane to pick up people from a nearby party. As the Explorer was stopped in the street, pedestrians crossed from the east side of the street toward the vehicle. The people were entering the vehicle through the rear cargo door of the Explorer. Liston had crossed the street and was preparing to enter the vehicle when he was struck by a 2005 Ford Explorer driven by Kuszmaul.

“The vehicle struck Mr. Liston as he was in the street behind the stopped Explorer, crushing him between the vehicles and causing some of the occupants of the stopped vehicle to fall from the cargo area into the street,” McKinley said.


just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 5 years ago

It's truly horrible, but the fact that his legs were severed below the knee may mean that prosthetics will allow him to function much more normally.

"The Double Amputee Who Designs Better Limbs"

Thomas Bryce Jr. 5 years ago

Oh Man! My prayers are with him and his family.

Jayhawk_4_Life 5 years ago

Hope this guy recovers as fully and quickly as possible.

Tim Quest 5 years ago

Well, "fully" is a relative term here...

Jayhawk_4_Life 5 years ago

that's why I said as fully as possible.

verity 5 years ago

Tragic indeed, almost beyond comprehension. Thoughts with him and his family and friends.

Leslie Swearingen 5 years ago

NickRondo "... the first car pulled up in the right lane of he street and the kid ran to the car and it was the kids mom picking him up from the party. He was trying to put suff in the back of his moms trunk it was locked so he told her to unlock it all happens so fast I dont even know if he ever put what ever he had in the back of the car or not then the 2nd suv came flying in and I think the guy that got hit tried getting out of the way but not in time the guy drilled the car, the driver didn't step on the breaks at all and hit the car and pinned him I guess probably going around 35-40 mph. "

Anyone remember this?

It was a horrifying thing to happen and to have your life altered so radically so fast in a way that is totally out of your control. I don't think there is anyone or anything to blame here. The rain falls on the good and bad alike. But he has love and compassion and support and that is the most important thing.

mom_of_three 5 years ago

two bad the story you repeated isn't true. Both cars were drivien by young adults.
Just not sure why people were entering from a rear cargo door, unless the vehicle was full of people.
blood tests are pending as alcohol may have been involved in both cars. Sometimes being young and stupid catches up with you.
hope recovery goes well for all involved.

justaword 5 years ago

I thought I was the only one in town with these thoughts. Glad to read someone else knows about the mumbo jumbo. But this sad event is about Julian and the other young adults and youth who, according to reports, were all drinking and being stupid drunks. If anyone is to say it is "Charlie's fault' then you have in include the parents of every single person involved, including young Colby's parents. This tragic event could have been prevented if parents taught their kids that Lawrence and KU is not a 1950's small town where you can walk down the middle of the street and 2:00am drunk and not get hit by a car----whoops that is a political comment that is not needed in this discussion.

tigggr1570 5 years ago

Justaword, how can you say anything about the kids that were hit by the DRUNK DRIVER! They had a designated driver. The person driving had come to safely pic them up and they were being responsible! They weren't wandering down the middle of the street, they were getting into a stopped vehicle that was rear ended! This jackass that apparently is a coward as well after taking his facebook page down, was drunk and didn't even attempt to stop! Colby is the most upstanding young man I think I have ever met. He is an inspiration! His parents are involved members of the community and are very involved in many youth activities as was Colby. They give back. Unlike this person who apparently had repeatedly been allowed to not learn from his mistakes! Funny how those comments were removed! I hope he spends a very long time in JAIL and the rest of his life making payments to Colby! It will NEVER be enough!

hail2oldku 5 years ago

I wondered about that myself tigggr. The posts that were removed said nothing that appeared to be in conflict with the user agreement. They simply pointed out that the parents of the driver that rear ended the first vehicle were more than a bit lenient with their kid.

tigggr1570 5 years ago

exactly! I am thinking daddy has connections with this paper.

mom_of_three 5 years ago

Safely pick them up is a little in question or else they would not have stopped in the street. is drinking underage (colby may not have been drinking) being responsible? Not saying the other driver was not responsible for the accident, but I have a little issue with your definition of responsibility in this case.

tigggr1570 5 years ago

Nobody said those drinking were under aged, only that they had called someone not drinking to pick them and others up. They were pulled over to the side of the street, not in the middle of the street, so yes, they were being responsible! It is legal to pull over to a curb and park whether for an extended period of time or a short period of time. It wasn't a no parking zone!

costello 5 years ago

According to the police department's press release, they were stopped in the roadway.

tigggr1570 5 years ago

if you have seen the tv footage, it is in the street, that is where they had to park, at the curb,

costello 5 years ago

All of the news reports, and the police press release, indicate that the vehicle was stopped in the road, not at the curb.

tigggr1570 5 years ago

not to be graphic, but the tv reports show where the blood was washed off of the road and it was at the curb.

tigggr1570 5 years ago

by the way, it is a 2 lane road as well as one way.

costello 5 years ago

I'm familiar with Tennessee Street.

I haven't seen any tv footage of blood being washed off the road, but all of the reports I've read say the vehicle was stopped in the road.

tigggr1570 5 years ago

I have seen the videos with it on the ground. It is very obvious.

hail2oldku 5 years ago

Tibbs and Maria both seem to know Mr. Kuszmaul quite well.

tigggr1570 5 years ago

yeah, apparently, he still had his legs and was able to run from the scene like the coward he is.

emax1211 5 years ago

Actually, he didn't leave the scene. Get your facts straight before you assume the worst.

linuxGeek 5 years ago

They were all out doing the same thing. They all made the "choice to drink" just some make the choice "not to drive". Julian made the "choice" to get behind the wheel of a vehicle and hurt someone. The reality of drinking and driving is you hurt someone else. Normally the driver always comes out without being hurt. You can't blame anyone's parents, but you can say that obviously the kids from Derby were taught better than to get behind the wheel of a car "jacked up" on whatever Julian happend to be on. I'm sure from the comments I saw that "Daddy" is trying to get him out of this one because "its not his fault he was drunk and almost killed someone else". One word PATHETIC!! "Its's the other kids fault for crossing the road while my drunk son was driving and didn't slow down". One word PATHETIC!! So before any of you go "judging" didn't happen to your child. This was the fault of a very irresponsible person who needs to know what he has done wrong "DADDY"!

tigggr1570 5 years ago

not only was the life of Colby changed forever without his permission but so were the lives of every other kid in the car that was hit or had to witness the wreck. I don't say accident, because this was NO ACCIDENT! Julian did this on PURPOSE! He chose to drink and drive knowing full well it was dangerous and illegal! That makes it premeditated not an accident! Anyone trying to get him out of this is just as guilty!

costello 5 years ago

Tigggr, I'm sorry your friend was so badly injured. I know you're really angry, and there's no excuse for Mr. Kuszmaul's behavior, but I seriously doubt he intentionally ran into the other vehicle and injured your friend.

I hope Mr. Kuszmaul is prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I doubt if anyone could get him out of this one, even if they wanted to.

tigggr1570 5 years ago

I bet you would sing a different tune if someone you know were the one that had to have his legs amputated. think about it. AGAIN, he chose to drink and drive. There is no excuse in this day and age not to know the danger of that, therefore he made a conscious and premeditated decision to do what he did and it resulted in the serious life altering injury of another person while he sat on the frickin' curb to sober his sorry ass up!

joes_donuts 5 years ago

Lawrence Police should focus efforts on making sure everyone who gets behind the wheel of a car while drinking ends up in jail. Let the entire country know we support responsible drinking and prosecute all drunk drivers.

costello 5 years ago

It sounds like they were focusing on that. According to this story, they made 46 arrests in the Oread Neighborhood Friday and Saturday night, most of them for alcohol-related offenses:

There's no knowing if other similar accidents were prevented. Possibly someone is walking around today, happy and healthy, because of one of those arrests. Maybe all of those arrested people should be grateful. They might have been Julian Kuszmaul.

bevy 5 years ago

It's hard to see any light here. Regardless of how much I despise drunk driving, having lost more than one friend to it over the years, this is a tragedy for everyone involved. So many young lives, forever altered. Both the victim and the driver will benefit from our prayers. Both will be paying for the rest of their lives.

tigggr1570 5 years ago

Yes, but only one deserves to. :(

linuxGeek 5 years ago

So why didn't they arrest the one that caused the accident? Seriously...pissing in public and littering being compared to a wonderful boy that has had his complete life altered by a irresponsible baby that chose to get behind the wheel of a car? OK...

costello 5 years ago

The driver who caused the accident will be punished. I have no doubt about that.

Someone said that the police should get out there and deal with the drunks. I pointed out that they were out there dealing with the drunks. They were being proactive and stopping people who appeared to be drunk. Any of those people might have got in a car and caused an accident.

If there hadn't been this horrible accident, I'm sure there would have been at least a couple posters complaining about the 46 arrests and citations on the other story.

linuxGeek 5 years ago

Instead of citations...most of these kids need rehab....and they need to learn not to get behind the wheel of a car...I think that is what this is really about and what it should really stand for instead of worring if the cops were doing their job. If you find em them.

MISTERTibbs 5 years ago

That is exactly where some parents fail. They would rather deny and explain away instead of facing the situation and getting their kids the help they need.

Much better to bury your head, or hold hands and sing kumbaya, that way you don't have to admit you aren't perfect and neither are your kids.

Ridiculous 5 years ago

I've grown up with Julian. He is one of the smartest and most independent people I know. He is a great guy who made a bad decision. His "daddy" as some of you are saying is not who he relies on. He has been taking care of himself for a long time. And for all of the people saying that the students climbing into the back of a vehicle were being responsible, what is responsible about riding illegally in the cargo space of an Explorer? Last time I checked, seatbelts have to be worn by all, not just the designated driver. If they hadn't been acting stupid too, then no one would have been hurt. Or if this designated driver had bothered to park rather than just stop in the middle of the street. Since when is that legal? I'm not saying that Julian did not mess up, because he definitely did, but he is not the only one at fault here. The young man who was injured has my deepest sympathies, but maybe it can be a lesson to everyone involved.

MISTERTibbs 5 years ago

Your user name certainly matches your comment.

Julian's daddy has kept him shielded from trouble since he was in junior high, if not before. It just looks like this time he's done something so horrible, and in front of so many witnesses that Charlie won't be able to make it go away completely.

Yes, there is plenty of blame to be spread around on this one, but when the blood test comes back I don't believe that you, I mean Julian, will come out smelling quite so good. If the rumor going around about an open container and recreational drugs being found in his car are true, it just looks that much worse. If all that leads to him being one of the smartest people you know, then I suggest you start associating yourself with a different class of people.

Ridiculous 5 years ago

I don't disagree that alcohol will show up on Julian's blood test. I never said that he would "come out smelling good". He screwed up. And there's no chance that Charlie will "make it all go away completely", the Kuszmauls are not stupid enough to think that it will. But he will do like any good parent would and try to help as much as possible. If you're a parent and wouldn't try to support your child in a time like this, then you're not a very good parent. And, in all likelyhood, he is probably smarter than you, he just made a mistake. A mistake that millions and millions of people make every year, it's just that 90% or more don't have an accident due to that mistake. We just have to remember that everything happens for a reason. I have trouble with that myself, but if we are patient, then the reasons will become clearer in time.

MISTERTibbs 5 years ago

Good parents make their kids take responsibility for the smaller mistakes in their lives before something like this happens. Then maybe, just maybe, this event doesn't take place.

Good parents don't cover for the kid that acts as a "broker".

Good parents get their kids the help they need instead of being afraid to admit that maybe your parenting skills aren't as sharp as you'd like to think.

Yes, Charlie should support him now as well, but that support should be to convince Julian that he needs to face up to his problems and seek help with some obvious problems.

tigggr1570 5 years ago

Ridiculous, you are ridiculous! Julian is a coward and deserves the worst punishment that can come at him. The kids getting into the other car weren't on the road yet and you have no idea what their plans for seatbelts or anything else were, however, we do know what Julian's actions were and what they caused! Stop defending this scum. Smart? Not even close! Good person? NO! He ran from the scene while Colby lay crushed on the ground dying! These are not the actions of a smart or good person! Take your beer goggles off and get back to reality! Your defense is a joke! By the way, just because other people make a mistake, doesn't mean you should make it too, it means you should be SMART enough to learn from it and not repeat it yourself, especially when it deals with someone ELSE'S LIFE! I hope he doesn't see the outside of a jail cell for the better part of his life!

Ridiculous 5 years ago

Yes because there are always seatbelts in the back of an Explorer and the middle of the street is an appropriate place to park to let people enter your vehicle.. And stop spreading rumors and passing so much judgment, because last time I checked, that doesn't make you a good person either. And you should learn what the term beer googles mean because it certainly has nothing to do with me or this situation. If you want to just insult someone then try knowing something about them before you do it.
Finally about learning from a mistake, have you ever lied? Because most people I know, by the age of 10 have seen that lying is a mistake that their friends have made, yet people continue to lie their whole life. So tell me again how you're such a perfect person who would never make a mistake if anyone else in the world has ever made it.

tigggr1570 5 years ago

apparently you don't know the situation. They were still STOPPED at the CURB with lights ON! They were NOT driving, therefore, it doesn't matter where they were in the vehicle or where the seatbelts were at that point! They were all trying to get in as the driver of the suv that was hit saw him coming at the last minute and they didn't have time to move so they all tried to pile in quickly! They were not in the middle of the street! You can see the blood in the street in some of the videos and it is clearly to the side, not the middle! You'd feel differently if it were JULIAN that couldn't run from the scene instead of Colby!

tigggr1570 5 years ago

by the way, altering someone's life permanently because of your stupidity is a Hell of a lot different than telling someone a lie at the age of ten! Not even close to the same thing! Everything I have said is based on what happened. Not rumor

linuxGeek 5 years ago

Ridiculous, How old are you....10? Let me tell you what a wise person told me...only dopes do dope, so if that makes him the smartest person you know...then I must agree with Mr. better get yourself around some better people and get to church and pray for the way you look up to the wrong people. Jesus will be your friend!!

Ridiculous 5 years ago

Linux, learn to read. Tigggr, I'm sorry, I didn't know that all the police reports were lying. I'm glad I have you here to clear everything up. Also, "the situation" doesn't make any sense. If you were going to get into a car through the doors but saw a car coming up behind you, why would you run around to the back, open the cargo door, and climb in to the area where the vehicle would be struck rather than just step away two feet? They were being stupid teenagers just taking the fun way home. Take your stories and shove them where they belong.

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